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SoHo 9/27/10

Started by ASUfisherman, September 30, 2010, 17:15:17 PM

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Despite a less than appealing weather forecast, a friend and I decided to head over to TN to get some tailwater fishing in.  Had planned on floating, but generation schedule on the Holston didn't cooperate, so decided (were forced) to wade which I was fine with and turned out to be a great day on the water.  Started in one of my favorite riffles in the heavy fog morning.  Tied on a PTN with a bwo nymph dropper.  Caught good fish on both, but the bwo nymph outfished the PTN at least 2 to 1 maybe 3 to 1.

Fish were rising to midges the whole morning, but a decent bwo hatch started to come off around 11:00.  At this point it was very overcast, but hadn't rained all morning.  Started seeing fish take the bwo's so i switched to a dry fly pattern.  Caught a few like this, but the fish were still keying in on midges more than the mayfly's.  After not catching as many fish this way, switched back to the nymph rig.  Noticed also that many fish were taking the fly on the swing or on the strip, so I started getting more fish by stripping the nymphs over the fish.  (Thanks to WB and TP's last report for this technique).

At around 1:00 the sulphurs started coming off steadily, so switched to the dry again and that's when things got ridiculous.  Fished the Sulphur until around 4:30 when the water started coming up, and I had to get back to Boone so we headed out after a very solid days worth of fishing.

Battery in my camera was dead, so only have a few pictures that my buddy took. 

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Looks like great conditions. Fish were keying on nymphs on the swing big time last time I fished it.  Good stuff . 'c;

When do they shut down sections of river for the brown spawn?

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good day ASU

spawning grounds close Nov. 1
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Nice report.

Curious - when you're stripping the nymphs, do you do so with or without indicator?


The first few fish i caught this way were on the indicator.  Would let the fly swing, and if I didn't get a take on the swing I would slowly strip back over the strike zone.  However after a while, I just took the indicator off and fished the nymphs on tight line and experimented with stripping across stream, upstream, etc...

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Is that an egg patten I see :o

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Bastardo! Hells yes, nice beasts you got there breh -0-


What's up with blanking out the faces? You guys in the Witness Protection Program or something? Oh and nice fishies! :D

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