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Barr's Slumpbuster

Started by Trout Maharishi, October 28, 2009, 11:18:35 AM

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Trout Maharishi

Hook: TMC 300
Thread: 6/0 Uni Olive
Weight: Lead wraps .020
Ribbing: Chartreuse Small wire
Body: Uni Flat Braid Gold
Wing: Olive micro Squirrel Strip
Collar: Olive micro cross cut Squirrel Strip
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― Charles Bukowski


Nice pattern!, I like the Chartreuse wire rib........ 0--0
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That one is a deadly little streamer...especially in black.  Nice tie your holiness. 0--0


There's a big difference between a dry fly dancing through
a riffle and a weighted fur ball dragging on the bottom.


Sweet tie there!  ;hb Would love to see that in action.
What happens on the stream, stays there..........


nice tie

thanks, been wanting to figure out that one
My picture weighs more than your picture.


That pattern is one of my favorites. Nice :)
Brad  8)