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Canoe Sales
« on: July 22, 2010, 17:17:28 PM »
Summer Canoe Sale:  Great deals on 3 models of Bell Royalex Canoes ( Yellowstone Tandem, Morningstar and Northwind, 15’6”- 16’6”.   Bells are the best canoes made today and are the most versatile personal watercraft, whether paddled solo with a double-bladed paddle or loaded with adults, kids, dogs, camping gear etc.  Lighter at 60 lbs and, when solo paddled, are more maneuverable than most kayaks; they are faster and more efficient than many recreational kayaks and pontoons,  and are much more effective for hauling fishing rods,  tackle, coolers and miscellaneous gear.  In addition, you typically sit slightly higher,  with a more erect posture,  and casting and sighting fish is much easier. A good canoe will do everything most kayaks will do…and much more.   These models list from about $1350-1650.   We have a couple of used models; some new “blems,” and some 1st quality.  Used boats are priced at $699…blems and new models are reduced to 899 and 999 and 1250.  Prices vary based on length and trim materials.   Happy to discuss specifics and features…call or email

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Re: Canoe Sales
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