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October 23, 2021, 03:16:46 AM


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SOHO, Didymo, and Shoes

Started by bugman, May 25, 2010, 19:46:20 PM

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Recently, I spent a few days on the SOHO tailwater.  One of those days was with my son.  We've not had the chance to fish together for some time and I don't think he'd picked up a fly rod in almost 2 years.  School, work, sports, and gals have kept him occupied, not necessarily in that order.  Any chance I get to sway him to pull out the fly rod is a treat.  He gravitated towards hunting at an early age.  He picked up the rhythm quickly and caught 40+ small browns and rainbows all on dries, nothing big but he enjoyed the river.  I did not catch close to 40 but I also did not make half the casts he did.  I like to lay on the bank, collect, and relax a bit.  It is an age thing.

The good news is the didymo seems to be subsiding and with the exception of the brief pulse, it presented no problem.  The hatches were phenomenal and we witnessed the biggest spinner swarm I have ever seen on the river.  So, the critters obviously are doing well.

On another note, years ago we used to find discarded shoes in the river, particularly around the Rockhold area.  We came up with many theories back then, most centered on possible strange E. TN sexual practices.  Well, I've not seen any shoes lately, and I wander if those of you that frequent the river have found any.  Perhaps the practice has collapsed.

Here are a few pics and please note, we are not photographers, nor am I even sure how to post pics.  Fingers crossed.

Woolly Bugger

sound like an awesome day!  ;D

ex - I'm not going to live with you through one more fishing season!

me -There's a season?

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You look like a guy that used to teach fly fishers and kids about bugs.

I hope my kids enjoy fishing with me when they get that age.

If you hunt with your kids you will never have to hunt for you kids.


Ya done good.

I too cast a lot less, and when I'm on a good stretch, catch beefier trouts.

I was standing on the bank of a fine river one day a few years ago in Yellowstone national Park - "looking things over".  A tourist asked me why I wasn't fishing.  I said, "I am fishing.  I'm just not casting"

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Yeah, I finally got my son to comit to a day of fishin with the old man when I get home on leave!!!! 25 more days! ;D

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Sounds like a great day.  I was out there earlier this week and was happy to be able to walk comfortably in the river without slipping all over the didymo. 

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