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Brown Trout

Started by hopper, May 24, 2010, 07:45:02 AM

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Received 2 pics from my father this morning.  They originally came from my step brother in-law how lives in Bristol.  He is a tournament bass fisher that stays in the bait shops.

here is what his email said "I was in a tackle store today and a guy walks in and asked the owner if he has a set of scales. He did not but the owner asked the guy still in his waders what he caught. We walked out and in the trunk of his car was a 34 1/2" brown trout.  I took his picture and thought you might want to see it. It was by far the largest trout I have ever seen.  He told me it took him over 40 min to land the fish and he caught it just below the Weir Dam on a black nymph.  He was using a three pound tippet. "

Here is the pics.


Big fish! :o  I wish he would not have killed it. :'(
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Damn, thats a female fish too. No more eggs out of that one.

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what a shame..has the tail been clipped? or is that a natural wound?

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That fish weighed 17 pounds and 2 ounces. I was told that the fish went bellow up after the extended fight and all the initial pictures were taken.  That particular fish had been on many people's radar screen for a while.  Too bad :'(.


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I heard it was caught on bait. But who knows. It was a legal fish so oh well.


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when he realized how big it was he grabbed his worm off the hook and tied on a nymph real quick before anyone saw haha

diaz dassie

That does suck that the poor beast wasn't released to make up some more behemoths in the future, ending up in the fryer (and I am convinced that it will taste super shit coz of the age of it)What a travesty... :'(


I'll bet it ends up on the wall, not in the fryer. That's where I'd put it if it was already dead  ;)

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The Davidson. It's full of wild fish.


Quote from: FoulHook on May 24, 2010, 14:26:04 PM

I'll bet it ends up on the wall, not in the fryer. That's where I'd put it if it was already dead  ;)

That's what fiberglass mounts are for these days!   ::)

What a shame...   >:(

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