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Wished I'd had my camera

Started by troutphisher, May 09, 2010, 11:18:37 AM

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Last night Glass and I were fishing on one of our favorite streams, we started the day earlier on another stream in the area, but hit this stream for the magic hour.

We both rigged up with drys and has a blast catching fish, but the highlight of the day came when I saw a white fly hovering over the water and dipping every now and then.
At first I studied the fly, it was about 10 maybe 15 feet away. I have seen these fly's before and they are not green drakes, these fly's are size 14 and pure white, white tails, wings and bodies, no black thorax, and clear speckled wings like a green drake spinners.

It was hovering and dipping fast enough, (I thought anyways) for the fish not to pay it any mind.

As I watched this fly hover, all of the sudden this 14" brown launches it's self out of the water and snatched the fly from about 2 ft above the waters surface. No big deal you might think, but from where the fish launched out of the water it was only about a foot deep. This fish would have had to almost lay sideways, like it was making a redd, then turn and launch straight up.

It was one of the coolest moments, I have ever witnessed. I can still play this image in my mind over and over again, seeing the browns tail curved slightly frozen in space at the apex of height above the water, and the fly disappear. Then the fish splashing back into the water. It was all over in seconds.

This is the time of year, I usually see these flys and hopefully I might catch one on film or photo.
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blue ridge angler

I love moments that stick in the mind like that..
will keep an eye out for the elusive white mayfly..

Woolly Bugger

must be a very tasty snack...
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Sounds like a White Miller...

Over the years I've seen fish leap out of the water to eat a bug.
Brown Trout on the Chattooga, LM Bass down here chasing Dragonflys and SM Bass on the New River after Damselflys.
Redbreast eating the bug on the way back down after exploding up
in the air..

Definitely images that stay in in your mind ... 


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Wow - thank you for a wonderful mental image that will keep me going today.

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diaz dassie

Nice TP, fish can "launch themselves" properly! Back home in Cape Town, our great whites that weigh over 3 tons launch all 18 feet of their big asses out of the water goin after seals.
Air Jaws
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Get Bent

Its amazing what fish will do for a meal, but then refue every fly you throw at them...

Konichiwa Bitches!