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Holy one retreat day 1

Started by troutphisher, April 06, 2010, 09:21:26 AM

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I fished stream in NC yesterday with the holy one. I met up with him at his camp site retreat, and shared a couple cups of coffee around 9:30 am. He was just finishing up the breakfast details (eggs and bacon) for the boys.

We talked about the recent insect activity, and planned our strategies. I was still going to fish drys knowing the midges had been thick all day for the last week or so.
The holy one, showed me a fly he has recently tied, it was a pink Hendrickson with egg sack tied parachutes style size 14. An excellent pattern, so I kept one for further field studies.

We decided to hit the water around 11:00am and headed out. When we arrived on the water, there were already lots of people fishing the stream, and a few guides (river pimps) in the main runs. Its almost predictable, every time a pimp is on the stream they fish shoulder to shoulder throwing sanjuan worms...LOL it was cluster fuck in action.

I headed down stream to the slack water away from the crowds, and holy one headed up stream for the same.

The midges were out in full force, skimming the surface, same as the days before.
I tied on a size 22 tan midge emerger, and started to target rises.

It was a blast watching them sip fly's, and fighting hard once they rue was exposed.
The holy one came down stream around 4:00pm, when almost all the other fisherman had left. He came bearing gifts, packed with beers, so we took a stream side break.

I finished my beer, quickly as it was the first fluids I'd had all day.
The holy one sat on the bank enjoying his beer, and watching me cast to rising fish near the bank. I cast the fly up near a branch the was hanging in the water, creating a seam, and the fish sipped the fly. the holy one remarked at how subtle the take was, it barely left a rise ring.

Later when we had the stream pretty much to ourselves, we moved up and the holy one fished one of his favorite riffles. It wasn't long before I heard my name called, as I turned to look up stream, the holy one was fight a big fish in the fast water.

His rod bend hard, and drag being pulled with each run of the fish, I knew it was big.
I asked if he needed a hand netting the fish, and he replied, no I think I got it now, but when he dipped his net, the fish bolted.

He worked the fish into the slow water, and I laid my rod down, and moved behind the fish, approaching slowly. I slide my net under the fish,and scooped it up. That is when I knew the true size of this fish. It was bigger than my net bag, and it's head was the size of an otter. It almost looked freakish, the kyped lower jaw had a matching indentation on the upper jaw. When I removed the hook from its jaw, I noticed several flies in its lower jaw.

This was one of the largest and heaviest browns I've seen in a while.

We fished another hour or so, then called it beer thirty, and enjoyed some cold ones.
It was great to fish with the holy one again, seams like every time we fish good things happen, and yesterday was no exception.

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Dayum! So Holy One, the yard work was an investment right? Now I am back in the air conditioned office hating life... :(

I think Woolly should have a section on this forum for great BS excuses to go fishing. I would be a major subscriber (maybe not contributor coz I suck at coming up with something fathomable!)

That way I could get on the streams MORE >:D


Looks like a fine trip. That wasn't you guys I seen hung up in a tree below the bridge was it? As I drove by I seen 2 guys trying to figure out how to get outta that tree.  0--0

Quote from: Transylwader on June 03, 2011, 21:56:17 PM
The Davidson. It's full of wild fish.


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me -There's a season?

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The Holy One has gotten his karma back.  Last time I saw him he was trying to tie a 0X stump of a leader to 4X to help a veteran catch his first Trout.

Looks like the trout Gods smiled upon him.

Thanks for sharing

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Grand reportage!!!

Looks like the Holy ones big Brown has been around fer awhile...
There appears to be a bead head san juan worm that was left in the fishes gill plate by a previous flyfisher...


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