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Wilson creek

Started by mecnc, April 02, 2010, 01:34:41 AM

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I'm going to take my son and his friend up to Wilson creek this weekend for some camping and fishing. Any one fished it lately and would care to share any info it would be appreciated. Hopefully a report to follow. Thanks  0--0



Yeah I know. This is the first time my son has asked me to take him fly-fishing. So we're a goin crowds or not.

Just hoping for some room to teach him to cast and at least one big dumb stocker to bite on his fly.


If you are fly fishing, hit the dh section and help chase off any poachers who might not know of the new catch and release dh rules on Wilson, or do know of the rules and just want more fish in thier cooler.


2 friends went down there earlier this week and caught over 100 fish.  It's good right now... Elk Hair Caddis, Adams, Stimulator... Heck you can probably throw just about anything and catch fish.  DH shouldn't be too crowded since its opening day on the hatchery supported.  It will be a great place to teach him how to fish and you should definitely be able to catch more than a few...  Good Luck!!

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Previous post: "DH shouldn't be too crowded since its opening day on the hatchery supported." Oh how I wish this were true. Opening day on Easter holiday weekend it will all be crowded. The wife/kids and I hiked into Harpers creek today. DH section had ALOT of people and tents were starting to go up in places. HOWEVER dont let this discourage you. Any day out with your son is a good day. He will remember being with you - not the crowd. If you can wait to go later in the day sometimes you can get some good afternoon fishing and be to yourself.


The Neighbor went yesterday afternoon and got into a good hole for the rest of the day.He said the croweds weren't to bad. Quiet a few people in the camp ground. Hope you and your Son had a great time 


Hey guys thanks for the replies.
All the campgrounds were full but we found a spot up the mountain. Weather couldn't have been better. We had to come back today because my son needs to go chase some tail tonight (he's 19)  ;hb.

As far as the fishing I taught him everything I know about casting a fly rod, that took about 5 minutes. No fish landed but hey it's a start. I fished this morning for an hour or so and caught four using some spaghetti and meatballs (don't hate), I didn't have time to fool around.

Walked down to H/F falls and checked it out. Pretty cool place.