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Light Cahill Ginger Quill wing

Started by troutphisher, January 02, 2010, 16:08:57 PM

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Hook: Mustad 94833 size 14

Thread: Light Cahill Uni-Thread 8/0

Body: Pale Yellow superfine dubbing

Tail: Ginger hackle fibers

Hackle: Light Ginger saddle (Herbert Miner)

Wings: Mallard primary flight slips dyed ginger
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I think I remember seeing that pattern or one almost like it reek havoc during a complex sulphur/cahill hatch last year. Of course I have never seen so many bugs hatching at once as that day. Both species and numbers wise. Tie extras, you know those damn midgets always loose all the ones I tie in the rhodos.
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Very nice-when the time comes, that will get it done for sure. Great proportions and wing positioning.

I should just do the search TP but I would love to see what you have worked out for a Blue Quill dunn. This is one of the better hatches on a few of the streams I fish (Not as many Quill Gordons) and I have trouble with the duns. I end up having the best luck with an extended body adams in a size 18 but feel I could be doing better. I have a pretty good nymph for this one and can usually hook up when fish "humpbacking" and are taking the emegers.

(edit) Found the Blue Dunn- Nice fly..
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