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Coastal Flyfishing

Started by WhiteMtnFlyGuy, December 31, 2009, 10:54:55 AM

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I've been looking at some beach properties along the NC coast. Interested in an area that might be conducive to flyfishing. Have been leaning towards Bald Head Island, but can't find much info about flyfishing that area. Anyone know of any good forums for that area?


You might want to look farther north as well.  The Cape Lookout area is renown for its fall fishing.  Good red fishing as well in the surrounding area.  Check out Brian Horsley's forum: http://outerbanksflyfishing.com/forum/

Brian and his wife Sarah Gardner are two of the finest guides in the business. 0--0


If your looking at Bald Head Island, you dont need  ;D ;D our opinion about where to live......cheapest house on the island goes for about 1.5 million.


Thanks for the link Flatlander. Troutfreak, I wasn't seeking advice on where to live. Looking for some flyfishing information for the North Carolina coast, particularly the southern coast.


I have a place on Oak Island right across the river from Bald Head.  There is no fly fishing opportunity there.  You will not find schools of reds tailing and pushing water at low tide on the mud flats or tailing in the grass on high tide.  Contrary to what you may read or see on Google Earth, there are no creek mouths or oyster banks to blind cast for reds, trout, and flounder.  You will not find blues, spanish, and albies breaking the surface inside and outside the inlet.  I have not had 10 fish days on sight-cast reds, and I have not seen many, many schools of 100+ fish.  No one should consider moving to or trailering your boat to Buzzards Bay.  I really like the suggestion to check out the Morehead / Harker's area!

Check out www.fishsouthport.com and the new video, Redfish Can't Jump for further evidence of the lack of fly fishing opportunities in the lower Cape Fear area.


Seriously, feel free to email me or call me for more details about that area.  I am quite passionate about that section of the coast.  336-337-1104.


Is that netter still setting in Buzzard's?  I see that guy everytime I go. 


To consider fly fishing the North Carolina coast simply look at the map. The inshore waterway/river system is is much larger and complex around Morehead. It tapers off as you head south and then is minimal south of Lockwoods Folly river. As a fly fisherman these are the areas you will fish. Beetle, with some of the proposed turtle compliance regulations you may not see that fella settin' nets.