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ethanol free gas?

Started by Fire-Fly, December 28, 2009, 22:33:08 PM

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Anyone know what stations sell ethanol free gas? My mpgs suck on this crap, makes a lot of sense put in ethanol cars perfomance drops get less mpg and have to buy more gas than before, is this one of Obamas hair brained schemes. Seriously though anyone know what brands are ethanol free/

Woolly Bugger

i think it varies by town / state / here in Winston it's real gas...

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diaz dassie

Yeah, check out this: http://tinyurl.com/ybus5vx

When I lived in MD, I used to drive over the 301 bridge to buy gas at Petroport in Dahlgren. I am no advocate of ethanol, it is some bullshit...


I read that the ethanol will burn the seal and rings in your car over time, and also that ethanol that is being put into gas has alot of water in it. Im with you diaz its a bullshit way to fix the oil problems.


I think the Plus and Premium grades of gasoline are ethanol free.  Regular is often ethanol enriched because federal subsidies make it cheaper that way, so if you are shopping for "bargain" gas, it's almost guaranteed to be 10% ethanol.

Alcohol is anhydrous, meaning that it draws water from it's surroundings, which is why you can't make, or buy, 100% pure alcohol.  It draws moisture out of the air.  That is also why you get a hangover after drinking too much, as the alcohol draws the water out of your brain leaving you with a headache.  In your gas tank, though, this shouldn't cause a problem, unless you are in the habit of never letting the gauge go below 1/2 a tank.  Then the build up of water in your tank could become a problem.  If you take it down below a 1/4 tank between fill ups, though, you should never have a problem.

Gasohol, 10% alcohol enriched, has been around since the '70's.  Gerald Ford may have authorized it after the Arab oil embargo as part of the effort to become energy independent.  Studies have shown that up to 10% alcohol doesn't have any negative effect on most engines, and, indeed, smaller engines may actually benefit from it.  It burns cooler than pure gasoline, and produces up to 15% more power/gallon, although it is reputed to decrease mileage slightly.  Personally, I've always felt that I got better mileage when burning gasohol in small cars, say 1200cc to 2600cc engines.  Also, the Japanese manufacturers use different gasket compounds than the American manufacturers do, so their engines may hold up better to alcohol.

Now, E-85 (15% alcohol) is a slightly different story.  That stuff will damage your engine if it is not a "flex-fuel" engine, but E-85 pumps are clearly marked, and not cheaper.

Silver Creek

Ethanol has 30% less energy than gasoline but it has a higher octane, or resistance to preignition. A higher octane does not mean you will get higher mileage so it has no benefit to us. It has a benefit to the gasoline companies because it allows then to save a bit on other octane boosters.

10% gasohol will have 3% less energy than 100% gasoline and you will get about 3% less mileage. So to compare gasohol to pure gas, it should cost 3% less per gallon. At $2.50 a gallon for pure gas, gasohol should cost about 7-8 cents less per gallon. Buy pure gasoline and you will have to fill up less often becasue you will go farther per tank.




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Ethanol is the outboard engine boat mechanics best friend - Guaranteed you will be bringing your boat to him on a regular basis :'(

You can add all the fuel stabilizers you want but it will still gum up the injectors and carburetor if you're not running your boat on a real frequent basis.


Quote from: Al on December 29, 2009, 12:31:26 PM

Ethanol is the outboard engine boat mechanics best friend - Guaranteed you will be bringing your boat to him on a regular basis :'(

Add 2-stroke bike engines. Pulled the top end out of my sons bike and  it is toast. Grey ashie like ran too hot. This after 4 gallons through it with the smae pre-mix I always use. The same ratio as well. PHG, this was 93 octane. I am back to 110 octane (no ehtonal) now.

Stuart R.

Where do you get 110 octane? That is some stought stuff. I bet ti costs a pretty penny too don't it.


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Quote from: Stuart R. on December 29, 2009, 20:25:08 PM

Where do you get 110 octane? That is some stought stuff. I bet ti costs a pretty penny too don't it.


Check out your closest small airport.    ;)

Avgas use to be @ 100 octane.

And they would let you fill up a car or tank   8) 8)     

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