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Trout in public water day 1

Started by Trout Maharishi, November 11, 2009, 10:17:13 AM

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Trout Maharishi

After careful study of maps and information gathered from these fishing boards. I set out in search of the illusive trout rumored to be found in public waters in NC. We stated our hike at dawn on the first day determined to reach our destination before night fall. After a short while we encountered a steep rock face and had to traverse around the mountain to find a low point to continue. Just before nightfall we reached the hollow log described to me and made camp. We made camp and retired early in anticipation of the day to come.

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Lefty Kreh

peter p



I am glad you found your way around the rock face.  That would have probably slowed you down a wee bit! ;)


Well......it looks like it might be trout water......whats the max CFS you waded in?
Was there any lions and tigers and bears?

What color indicators did you use?

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Woolly Bugger

what about the booze and the women???

ex - I'm not going to live with you through one more fishing season!

me -There's a season?

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wow you found the lost city.....thats the rock wall that they would throw the midget women off to sacrifice to the trout gods.Now we know for sure that you are truly a Holly Man.Please offer pics to us mere mortals.Be safe

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I noticed there appears to be a cell phone about half way up the rock wall! :angel:


Did you catch any snakeheads? I hear theres a lot of snakes..... ^-^

What happens on the stream, stays there..........


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Did you visit with Yoda?   :P


You know how to torture. ;D Give us some meat. >:D


Buddhist fishin' in Ewok Land.   ;hb

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Where's the picture of your hippie homebrew and lunch? haha