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judt want to say thanks

Started by flip, November 10, 2009, 23:24:52 PM

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I want to say thanks to all who have said a prayer for my daughter, Brandy. After 3 endoscopy's and two colonoscopy's, she has been diagnosed with F.A.P.  She has several dozen polops in her stomach, and dozens of polops in her colon.  Yesterday, the doctors removed a mass that was on her pancreas.  On December 5, she has an appointment with a surgeon.  At that time we will find out if they will take all or only part of her colon. We expect the surgery to be sometime after the first of the year.

I know she is in pretty good hands with the staff at Duke, but she needs a higher power to get through this. I ask for your continued prayers.  Thank you,  Flip


peter p



Prayers added for Brandy and the medical gurus.
You too, Flip.


Remember...We all live downstream.


Will pray for your daughter and your family tonight. Peace be with you.


We'll be remembering y'all in our prayers too.  Hang tough.


You have the prayers from the Miller household, even if it ha moved a bit north. Good luck and God be with your girl!

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