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Largemouth Weekend

Started by ASUfisherman, October 19, 2009, 22:40:07 PM

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Fall break was last week, and my dad and I had planned on going to Fontana to catch some smallies.  It turned out that Dad couldn't get off work friday and the weather was looking pretty terrible, so we decided to stay around gastonia and fish a tournament on lake wylie.  My dad has been a tournament bass fisherman for over 30 years now, so needless to say, I grew up fishing for largemouth.  It is always good to get back and be able to spend some time with him since those days don't come as often as they used to. 

We decided to fish a local tournament on the CATT trail.  We had the boat in the water at 6:30 and blasted off a few minutes after 7:00.  The temperature had to be in the 40's, it was raining, and we had the yamaha 250 imax pressed to the max.  I thought it was cold in the mountains.... but that was a pretty miserable first run.  A good north wind was blowing, so we went to a bank that could easily provide us our limit before 8:00 in these conditions.  We didn't get a bite.  I don't know if it was the cold snap or what, but the fish weren't there.  So we proceeded to meander around the lake throwing buzz baits, spinner baits, and jigs.  Finally we started to get on a pattern, catching most of our fish on calm flats with no wind.  It stayed overcast all day, and all of our keepers came on the buzz bait.  The fishing was slow all day, and not just for us.  We caught our last keeper at 1:15, and weighed in at 3:00. 

The weigh in went better than expected.  We finished with 14lbs 12oz which was good enough for second place.  Our big fish weighed in at 4lbs 10oz which was also good enough for second place big fish.  Unfortunately the last person to weigh in caught a monster 6lb 01oz fish.  The biggest bass I have seen in a LONG time. 

All in all, it was a great time to spend with the old man catching up on life and whackin' some bass.  Not a bad payday either.  Hopefully the fontana trip will come sooner than later.

Here's a little pic of the weigh in.  Not the best quality, but it's all I have.
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I remember a trip to Lake Wylie during Spring Break of '91. I was going to school in Kansas, and I flew home in VA to spend the break with my dad. Dad also was a BASS Tournament fisher, and he and 5 others from Vinton Bassmasters were going to fish the 2 day tourney over the weekend. We spent Friday, driving the outskirts of the lake looking for creeks and inlets were the spawn would be on. I had shipped my moutain bike UPS for the week, and brought it along on the trip to ride while Dad was fishing. I also brought my rod and reel.
I spent the day, riding up side roads along the North Carolina side of the lake, stopping at any cove I could reach from the roadside and flipped a large willow leaf spinner bait with a flex-steel arm straight across the cove, and reeled back with a steady retreive. In three coves, I caught 4 largemouth, each 3lbs or better. The funny thing was, everybody had a bad day on the water, and weigh-in were dismal. No one in our group even went through the scales. If I had entered and weighed my catch, I would have placed second.
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Any day fishing with your daddy is a good day!  Nice fish.

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