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Hello from SW VA

Started by LivinOnTheFly, November 03, 2009, 16:50:18 PM

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Hello all, newbie to this board so I guess I need to introduce myself. My name is Lincoln and I just moved to Abingdon VA from TN. Just got into fly fishing about 3 years ago when I got back from my time with Uncle Sam. This sport is pretty much taking over my life haha.

Not at the table Carlos!


welcome and thanks for your service. never been down that SW but i know you got some seriously great streams in that area...lookin forward to some reports

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Stuart R.

Hey hows it going? I live in Richlands VA. It is about 1hr or less from you. Yell at me sometime we will try to hit the river sometime.


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Bruce at the Va. Creeper Fly shop is a nice guy.  He can put you on fish.


5x, ya Bruce is a good friend. He has helped me out alot since I got into flyfishin.

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Im just up the road in Emory, PLENTY of water around to check out, im fairly new to the sport as well (about 3 years) Bruce is defiantely one of the good ones, also be sure to hit up Patrick up at Mountain Sports in bristol. If you want to get together sometime give me a shout 0--0


Sounds like a plan SmallieRod! I've got some friends that live up at Emory. Were up there all the time. We'll have to get together some time. Patrick is another one of my good fishin buds. Ask him about his "adventure" on the Jackson some time. haha

Not at the table Carlos!

Woolly Bugger

good location for lots of fly fishing opportunities... welcome to the sport and our board..

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Lol I know about the Jackson incident, scary situation. Patrick is a real god friend of mine, we have a few stories like that together, ask him about mountain biking if you havent already heard that one lol.