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Started by rjs123, November 02, 2009, 19:40:31 PM

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November 02, 2009, 19:40:31 PM Last Edit: November 02, 2009, 19:58:18 PM by rjs123

Headed out to fish around 3PM.  As I was going past the field that parellels the river on Riverview Rd. , where the speed limit is 55 mph a black bear came out of the brush along side the road wanting to cross.  As soon as he saw my van he turned back and went down over the embankment. I turned around to see if he would try to cross again so I could get a picture of him but I never saw him again.

I fished in Bassett this afternoon till dark.  I caught 7 fish but again all pretty small. None bigger than 10 inches and most of them smaller.  I lost at least 15 though.  I was fishing some fast shallow water that I normally dont bother with.  Today it looked good though.  The water was up maybe 6 inches and had a good stain to it.  I hooked fish after fish but couldnt land them.  When I tried to get them if through the fast water they came off the hook. With all the fish I hooked I had plenty of time to try different ways of getting them in. I tried playing them and also bringing them in quickly, nothing worked. Most of the fish I hooked were on the swing or with the fly direct downstream. I was using a midge dropped from a pheasant tail for a while then a midge dropped from a hairs ear.  I caught fish on all of them.

Not complaining though it was a fun day.

There was a pretty good hatch this afternoon. Wish I knew may flies better but I think there may have been some sulfurs and also some larger flies.  Lots of midges coming off too.

Its supposed to be nice all week.  Ill try it again tomorrow.

No little fish pics.  Just this one from the canoe launch taken after dark.





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Nice report and a great photo to go with it.


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damn that pic is unreal  0--0

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Frame it - now there's a keeper!

Nice report too.....


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