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Montana bound

Started by 9ft4wt, October 29, 2009, 13:35:07 PM

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We should be in Montanna by this time Saturday, headed for Ennis.

Looking to fish the Ruby, Beaverhead and Clark Canyon reservoir.

Anybody got any tips, flies or technigues for this time of year they are willing to share. (Plenty of people have already told us: "don't freeze!"



Trout Chaser

Hope you have a great trip Dan.  Please be sure and post a report upon your return.



I hear that the DuPont Diver is just as effective out there as it is around here.  >:D

I have no idea what would work this late in the year.  I would think that most nymphs would still work.  I know I was really surprised at the size of fish that would take a size 20 serendipity back in Aug.  Anyway, I keep hearing JT say say "mo lead!" and Irish saying "slow and deep..."

Good luck, and take lots of pictures.  We want proof of all that snow....

Trout Maharishi

Are you looking for sympathy or jealousy? ;D

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Lefty Kreh



ommys and beads,

anything small, deep and slow.


Good luck guys and hope the wind and snow gives you a break.  I would give it a try up by the Palisades on the Madison and also at Varney Bridge.  There are some big browns and bows up there, but wade easy as these are the slickest rocks in the world.

Also if you do the Ruby and plan to do Vigilante then just go upriver about 25 miles above the resevoir and fish either at the old Ranger station or above Cow Creek Campground.  This is the most beautiful place you will likely see.

I would also try the Big Hole up around Maidenrock, not the one close to Melrose but if you take the highway from Melrose toward Divide you will pass the signed left turn that will take you there.  Near the bridge is good.  Also maybe give it a go at Brown's Bridge.


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