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Soho Marathon

Started by troutphisher, October 25, 2009, 20:51:00 PM

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I fished the SOHO Saturday with Glassfisher and Bkatz. I wanted to try out a new reel that I matched up with a Orvis Limestone boo, I choose to put a CFO IV reel on it for line capacity and I like larger reels.

We decided to meet up at 6:am and head to the water, both Glass and Bkatz met me at a spot where we could leave a car, and Glass would ride with me, since Bkatz could only fish until noon.

We arrived on the water at 8:00am sharp and headed up stream to a spot we new would hold some fish. Bkatz had not fished this area before so both Glass and I decided to let Bkatz fish the run, and he was soon into fish, catching some nice browns and rainbows. I headed down stream to fish another spot and glass headed up stream. We fished the morning catching rainbows and browns on bwo emergers and some new midge patterns I had tied up the night before.

Bkatz had to leave, so Glass and I headed down stream to fish another area we like, and managed a few more fish in the riffles and pools.
Around 2:00pm the water started to come up and we new we would have to move up stream to continue fishing and hopefully catch the water on the down or drop, but before we left we decided to have a cold brew. I had a smooth triple Belgian and Glass went with a stout lager. The beer was a good mid day break, but fishing was to be had, so we moved up stream only to find the generation still flowing. We decided to fish it anyways and used caution getting in. I was surprised at the rises during the high water, so I tied on a dry size 18 bwo and went at them. It was a blast catching fish in the high water, even the small ones felt large in the current.

About a half hour later the water started to drop, and we moved further out in the river and fished our spots. Glass moved even farther up stream than usual and found a great riffle section to which he stayed the rest of the afternoon, and evening. I could see from his rod bent he was getting into fish big time.
Every time I looked up stream he was fighting a fish.

I fished drys most of the afternoon and glass nymph-ed, both of us were having a blast fishing different water.

As it got dark, I made my way up stream to talk to glass, he was still catching and fighting fish until we could no longer see the indicators, and knew we had a long wade out of the river, so we called it a day at 7:15pm and headed back to the car to finish off the last of the beer, again I was content to have the Triple Ale.

It was a long day 11 hours of fishing, but one of the best days we have had. It was good to fish with Bkatz, and let him have the honey hole.

Here are some pics of the day.

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That report is a disgrace.

You should be home cleaning the garage, and afterwards drinking iced tea or maybe one Bud Liight.

Wish I could have been ther.

Stalk softly and carry a green stick.


that report is awful! just plain aggravating!

Especially since I won't be able to get down there until wed. That river is addicting.


Yep, and bring some suds (I'm not choicey)



Sucky report! Nice to hear about the BKatz sighting. If you see this Katz, hope all is well with you and yours. See you shortly TP.

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you suck and should have to drink schaefer light-damn thats so tough punishment

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