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Possie bugger

Started by nerveracker, March 09, 2011, 16:02:22 PM

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Possie Bugger
Hook: TMC 3761 or equivalent sz 16-4 (I use 4's and 6's for steelhead, 16-8 for trout)
Bead: Tung bead sized to hook  Gold, Black, Silver
Tail: Possum or rabbit and 4 strands of flashabou
Rib: Copper wire wrapped over  2-4 strands flashabou spiral wrapped
Body: Australian Opossum (Wapsi Aussie Possum) Natural
Hackle : Hungarian partridge, CDC, or India Hen Back (Natural)
Collar : Black dubbing

Dave "The Nerveracker" 

Work if you must, sleep when you can, ALWAYS FISH!


I'll say this....   this bug is a fish catching machine.  I've caught more fish on these things than just about anything else.   Drift 'em swing 'em, bounce 'em,  there's no wrong way to fish these things.   Can also spark plug the body with lead or lead substitute to help build mass, taper and weight for getting down in faster/deeper water.  I tie these in sz 4, 6 and 8's for winter steelhead.   8-16 for trout.   (the 16's get a bit tough for me to tie)  Seems to be an all around attractor nymph pattern.   
Dave "The Nerveracker" 

Work if you must, sleep when you can, ALWAYS FISH!

Stuart R.

Darn good looking bug. I will be tying these.

CPR Catch, Photo, Release.


Damn fine looking bug. Try puttin the hackle a little more sparse and see if she treats you even better for the smaller trout flies. Works for me in the East.

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