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Smith June 27

Started by 5xTippett, June 28, 2009, 21:58:10 PM

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I headed to Martinsville Friday after supper. I got up Saturday, ate breakfast and hit the river around 10:00. I wasn't in a major hurry since I figured I had all day. Unfortunately nobody told me the fish weren't planning on eating any beetles after around 1:30. If they had let me know that I might have gotten up earlier. I headed up river and started out fishing Ralph's dog hole. ( I hope you appreciate having a pool on the river named for you Ralph.  Not everybody can lay claim to that) They were on fire and I picked up around 10 in short order. Feeling a little cocky ,( I'm old enough to know better) I went to my next spot. I picked up maybe 6 or 7 where I should have picked up a lot more than that. I was beginning to notice a trend going in the wrong direction. I ate my sandwiches and headed to Bassett. I talked to OTS and he suggested going to a new spot I had never fished. I caught a couple out of there and talked to Ben for a while. I will file that spot away for future reference. I went on downstream lookin for some sulphers which never materialized.
I did not catch a ton of fish Saturday, but it was enough to have had a lot of fun.




June 28, 2009, 22:56:24 PM #1 Last Edit: June 28, 2009, 23:02:59 PM by rjs123
Good to see you got out and got some!

I started early on Saturday, about 6AM. in Bassett. Within minutes I hooked a nice brown and again thought I was going to have a good day. Well, I did have a good day but I really had to work for the fish I caught. It was really slow and I ended up with only 8 fish total for the day. I think 3 were browns.  There were maybe four different kinds of flies coming off the water.  There were a lot of them too.  The only one I can say for sure were cadis. At least I think thats what they were, the ones with the antenna. I tried every dry fly in my box.  Fish were rising but I could now get any to hit.  It wasnt just me. I talked to 3 other people fly fishing and the only thing that worked was an ant and it wasnt that good either.  I got all my fish on nymhs and a zebra midge. I fished for a while with a great guy name Larry who lives near by. He is a TU member but is not on the forum.

Sunday I fished again in Bassett and had a good day but worked pretty hard for what I got.  I ended up with I think 18 fish and must have hooked and lost half a dozen for the day.  Only 5 were browns and they werent very big.  There are still a lot of rainbows in the river and some nices ones too, lots of 12-13 inch fish.  I fished for a while with one of the guys here on the forum.  Im hoping he reads this because Im not sure what his name is on here.  He hooked and lost a big rainbow over 20 inches that I wish he could have landed.  There seems to be a lot of rainbows up in the special regs section.  Like Al has said, I think that long week of generation really spread them out.

The pictures below are all from Saturday. This is a first for me,  but I forgot my Iphone and camera at home.


That was me on Sunday RJ -
it was a good day - caught a few browns, caught a few bows, hooked and lost a pig of a rainbow, fished with a new friend, got home safe and sound.  That's a pretty good day.


In the great outdoors your soul expands to the horizon!


I got out at about 5:30 Sunday evening. Fished for a couple of hours in the upper SR. Fish were fairly cooperative, but you could tell from the refusals they had been picked over pretty good on the weekend.

  Tried a beetle, dragged a zonker, and threw several different sulphur patterns. A very sparsely tied sulphur was the ticket. Hard to keep afloat, but every time I'd get it dried and preened, they'd hit it again.

  I had meant  to stay until dark, but the sky started looking a little electric and black. Walking back across the fields, I could feel the static on the hairs of my arm, so I ran in a crouch to the treeline. Kinda spooky, but the lightning never came. Got home in time to ride the karts around a little with the boys.



Here are some pictures that did not download last night.


Nice browns and nice pictures!! Thanks for adding them.


Quote from: Z-Man on June 29, 2009, 04:37:10 AM
That was me on Sunday RJ -
it was a good day - caught a few browns, caught a few bows, hooked and lost a pig of a rainbow, fished with a new friend, got home safe and sound.  That's a pretty good day.


Thanks Bob!  I remembered your name but couldnt remember your forum name.  It sucks getting old sometimes. lol  It was great fishing with you.  Let me know if you want to do it again sometime. By the way, the guy that pointed you to that pig of a rainbow came back after you left.  I talked with him and a buddy in the special regs section. He's said you owe him one for that.  He is a nice guy. He was fishing single hook spinners in the special regs.  He also told me he knew where a couple more like that were laying.  They must have released quite a few of those large fish on the last stocking.

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