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Bream Killer Special

Started by mcanders, May 06, 2009, 09:25:17 AM

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Don't have a good name, this is what I call em. 

Size 10 streamer hook
Brown or Black thread
Can add small amount of lead wire or use lead head jig hooks
Peacock Herl body (can use Ice dubbing for durability)
Krystal Flash Wing
Medium black or yellow legs, tied to lay against the body of the fly

The uglier/sloppier, the better.  This is a case where less is more. The fish like a thin profile and won't got after the heavy dressed flies.  Drop these into bream beds or beside a stump and you are all set.  Let sink for a couple of seconds, keep a tight line and set hook at any movement. Will catch LMB as well.

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