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October 23, 2021, 04:39:55 AM


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BS economy

Started by flyfish_va, January 14, 2009, 23:52:06 PM

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I guide on the weekends, and its my dream life to be able to do it full time...Last year i even managed to do it for a couple months till gas went to $4.00 a gallon...anyways, during the week i buy scrap metal @ Cycle Systems in Roanoke...I started as a security guard, then a crane operator, then i was on a fork lift (my boss ended up becoming a masive alcoholic and i did his job while he was passed out) got tired of doing it and quit for a 2nd time...Ended up driving a truck for Laymen Candy Co. working 70 hours a week...Well my boss's boss called me up and offered me the position that i currently have, considering this is the 3rd time back and the company likes me..I do my best to be a role model employee, I dont miss! I quit smoking reefer! and I dont treat any customer better than the one before him..They basicaly give me a top price, and from that price I adjust it down accordingly...Works very well that way and they dont mess with me cause i do a good job and still keep the customers happy.. In the past they have paid for my College Classes up front, even baught me a computer to do my homework on...Other than fishing full time this is the perfect job. We are the biggest scrap yard in Virginia, we have 6 or 8 other sites that just buy stuff. For the last few years construction and production of consumer products were way up..and the demand for scrap material was huge, prices kept going higher and higher! then boom, in december the bottom fell out of the market....copper went from $4 lb to $1 and everything else followed, lay offs soon began in order the protect our assets. Now things are at a record low, i got a killer job and dont even know if the company is gonna still be around next week, or the one after, or then one after..this is bullshit! Please help me Mr. Obama !


Maybe the best thing GovCo can do is give a guy named Paulson nearly a trillion, tax payer dollars to pass along to his friends, and recent employer, Goldman-Sachs, with zero oversight!

You betcha that'll set things straight!  >:(

I truly hope it works out for you but you are not at all alone with your concerns that is for 100% sure!

Oh, and percentage-wise, I still have more smites than you!  ;D

The early bird may get the worm,
but the second mouse gets the cheese.

River Man

I used to do business with Cycle Systems years ago when I was a paper mill buyer....also competed with you guys in later years.  Our closest operation was in Lynchburg  0--0.  Yep..it's tough when scrap markets crash.  


My advice to you is to start drinking heavily. Maybe get back on the reefer. 0--0


Quote from: Peddler on January 15, 2009, 01:01:59 AM

Oh, and percentage-wise, I still have more smites than you!  ;D

Just to help you keep your lead, I added a smite!   ;D

Always willing to help...



Sorry to hear about your business going south. Must be that the crackheads and winos have flooded the market with materials at those fencing operations that popped up everywhere.

How much are you paying for a catalytic converter these days? That busines may slow as more folks invest in these.


Now Lynchburg to Danville that's a ghost filled rail
If you listen you can hear the engineer's wife wail
When life goes wrong this train goes on
Better say Manassas if you say Bull Run
Or in Virginia you won't get along with anyone
But just across the river you can change your tune
Like all the politicians there in DC do
When life goes wrong they just go on....

Good luck, hang in there & be like a 'jack-rabbit in a hailstorm' - you'll get through it somehow.


$10 for a converter, no matter how big or small...

paper now is a joke, it  cost more to process than its worth but for reason unknown we still take it


If someone shows up with a bunch of them (converters), are there any questions asked pertaining to where they came from?

jis wonderin' !


Excellent tune jkilday4!