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NC CnR Stream

Started by glassfisher, January 11, 2009, 12:22:59 PM

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Fished a double top secret stream in western NC yesterday.  Sorry I can't divulge the name, I don't want everyone finding out about it.   :-X    Maybe a couple of you will recognize the pics.   ;)


I got to the stream at about 10 AM, I decided to let it warm up a little bit before starting.  The last few times I fished early in the AM it wasn't worth fighting ice in the guides for an extra couple hours of usually slow fishing.  It was cool and clear and even though the forecast called for rain I was guessing it wouldn't start for a few hours, so I left the jacket in the car.  I headed to a run that usually produces some nice fish and didn't disappoint.  I got into a few nice browns and bows, but no pigs.  The takes were really subtle, but they consistently hit a sz 22 red midge pupae.  I tried some other flies throughout the day, and caught one fish on grey midge.  All the rest on the red.  Not more than an hour into it, a cool rain started and I was back at the truck putting my jacket on.   o-o  A few more rain showers came and went and the weather warmed to about 50.  I stayed on the stream until dusk catching fish pretty consistently throughout the day.  Not every cast by any means, but I never got into one of those long fishless periods that make you wonder what the hell happened either. 

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Woolly Bugger

gee, i have no clue as to what that stream is, all the fishes are so small....

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Showoff!  >:D ;D Did you dip your flies in shrimp juice or tuna juice this time? :police:

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Looks like you had a nice day. 0--0


Quote from: Trout Maharishi on January 11, 2009, 14:45:40 PM

Showoff!  >:D ;D Did you dip your flies in shrimp juice or tuna juice this time? :police:

Neither, soaked-em in beer  0--0

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Not bad!

Beer and bows.... 0--0

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Good job. Too much water around here to do any fishing. I'm glad to see some folks getting out.

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Looks and sounds like a great trip.  0--0 With a new baby, i will have to fish vicarously thru you guys. o-o Thanks for the report. Glad to see the water flow so well at the secret stream. ;hb

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Me too -

I lose fewer flies when I vicariously fish.


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