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hiawassee ga trout streams???

Started by Woolly Bugger, January 10, 2009, 23:21:04 PM

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Woolly Bugger

I'm going to be staying in Hiawassee Ga in a couple of weeks, and was wondering if there wer any good trout streams in the area or should I just be looking at the Nantahala in NC?

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I haven't fished it, but some friends of mine tell me that the Toccoa River has really become a great tailwater fishery.  I don't think it is long distance away.


Chattooga, Tugaloo, Toccoa....all good


I assume you are aware of this board, but just in case you aren't, try posting to:


and you should get a lot of suggestions.


Trout Maharishi

Woowee ask Rockyraccon, he guides down that way and knows the area. Good guy as well :)

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I have to say the Toccoa Tailwater is a fun fishery.  I got to fish it on my honeymoon in August 2006.  It will remind you of the South Holston tailwater.   It has only two flows, deep enough to wade and so high you can only float. It has some very nice brown trout in the tailwater.

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There's a tributary on the northside of the river the that flows between Hayesville and Murphy, NC that would be worth checkin' out ifn you have the time.

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