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Santa's little helper!

Started by Al, December 28, 2008, 15:57:51 PM

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Way to go Woolly! :o

Do we get a little more for New Years? >:D



were just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl....year after year........



NICE.....2 risers first thing in the morning.   :o


I went back for a 2nd look and it appears that her nipples are gray and maybe suffering from frost bite - What sort of working conditions are you subjecting your elves to Woolly?



Can't wait for New Years, maybe the bottoms slide off then. How bout it Woolly


Quote from: Oldman on December 29, 2008, 15:44:55 PM

She looks like Savannah.

I talked with Savannah just before she disappeared. She was heading this way to hook up with some guy on the board. Thought it was someone else and I even gave him the key to my cabin but she never showed o-o.

Now it all falls into place - It was Woolly and he has her "Hooked" and secluded up there in his workshop.