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Moffitt Angling System

Started by troutfreak, December 18, 2008, 14:46:42 PM

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It seems like a good system in theory.  I am a little undecided on the hook set.  It seems like there is a bit too much time between the fish taking the fly and the hook set. :-\

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lining, snagging, and illegal in some states

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Seems like a complete gimmick.  The fish they caught on the video look like stockies-- try for some wild fish that can take and spit fly out without you even knowing that you had a take.

Fishing barbless solves the problem much easier.



I am rapidly reaching the conclusion that there are a fair amount of people in this sport who might possibly be wound a wee bit tight.  Why don't they just sit on the bank and take pictures of fish rising?


As long as the fish is hooked forward of the eyes, or in or around the lips...   I say it's legit.

An inline Circle hook does not require a hookset from the angler  o-o.

An offset Circle hook can and if swallowed will lodge in the guts or gills
of any fish instead of the lip or corner of their mouth.

If yer snaggin' 'em it don't really matter what fly yer usin'.

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How often do any of you ever have a trout take a fly deeply enough to do it harm?  It happens to me sometimes fishing beetles, but they never get taken so deeply that I can't gently remove them without harm to the fish.

I agree with Caleb...if you're waiting for the strike indicator to move, it's probably too late on the good fish.


I'm with you Flat and CalebB,

Been fly fishing for 10 years and have never had problem with with deep hooking a trout no matter how small the nymph.  In fact I think the smaller the hook, the better the hook set in the corner of the mouth.  Using barbless hooks or just smashing down the barb when you tie the fly (same difference) practically eliminates the struggle of trying to get the hook out of the caught fish.

I have however noticed an increase in fouled hooked fish when using the double nymph rig or dry and dropper.  Just goes with the territory I guess.

I'm not sure why they feel that there is an increased mortality rate by handling a fish (i.e. subdoing the fish in order to remove the hook or take a pic).  Practically the same processes are used when stocking hatchery fish.  What is the percentage of those fish that die off due to the stress caused during the stocking procedures?  My guess would be that the stocking stress is far greater than me netting, unhooking, and releasing a trout.

As for the Moffitt system, the only advantage I see is the ability to string several nymphs along your line without having to tie them in with standard methods and being able to change them at will.  Here's the kicker, you have to purchase there specially developed nymphs/flies and one of a kind circle hooks  :-\  Sounds to me more like a money making scheme than trying to better the way we catch and release fish.

There's a big difference between a dry fly dancing through
a riffle and a weighted fur ball dragging on the bottom.


Without watching it done,I am gonna call BullSh!t on this one.
Stream born fish will be hard to catch on this.
Secondly,I would suspect some fish get hooked outside the mouth and perhaps in the eye.
Third -- I would bet any amount of money that some fish get hooked under the tongue,which is often fatal because of the arteries that run under the tongue.



December 19, 2008, 18:40:39 PM #9 Last Edit: December 20, 2008, 11:51:11 AM by troutphisher

Agreed with the negatives of this system.

I just watched and read a couple more articles on this system.
It works, no doubt about that, but I think you loose much more hooks up with this system.
Fishing on wild waters or water where the fish spit the fly quickly, this system would fail.
Some of the articles suggested placing the circle hook up to 3ft away. That means you have to pull 3ft of line in after the fish takes the fly.

It makes for good conversation, and while innovative in design, I don't think I'll be tying hook-less fly's soon.

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December 20, 2008, 01:18:37 AM #10 Last Edit: December 20, 2008, 12:34:51 PM by flyman

This really isn't all that different from the method of pegging a plastic bead as an egg imitation with a toothpick just above a hook. It works basically on the same principle. You peg a plastic bead with a toothpick just a couple inches above the hook. It helps to keep the fish from inhaling the fly as they often will when you are fishing eggs. When you set the hook the fish is often times hooked inside the outer rim or on the outside of the mouth. It works, I've seen it first hand. You don't have to peg the fly, you can use a knot to keep it in place. Take a look at the 1st setup with a knot and then scroll down for information on how to make a pegged set up. From what I have seen and read these methods appear to reduce problems with fish being hooked in the throat, tongue, and inner gill plate. At any rate you certainly don't need all the junk these guys are trying to sell. The part about 3" between flies and hooks with a multi fly rig are a little suspect though, that is a sure recipe for problems IMO.


Yea, I'm redneck, so what!


I have my doubts about this one. Believe I will pass. Would like to somebody fishing that isn't a rep for the company.

Brad  8)

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best thing since the banjo minnow....

jis sayin'
ex - I'm not going to live with you through one more fishing season!

me -There's a season?

Pastor explains icons to my son: you know like the fish symbol on the back of cars.

My son: My dad has two fish on his car and they're both trout!


looks great if all you fish is buggers......

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