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Nashville Help Please!!!!

Started by peter p, December 14, 2008, 08:50:42 AM

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peter p

Ok gang, I need some help.  We are meeting the better 1/2's family in Nashville for Christmas.  As you can imagine a week is a long time to spend with them.  So, I need some suggestions on things to do, places to see, where should I eat, go to see music, etc?  I thought about getting some strange disease and try and get out of the trip.  But, Amy is a nurse and I will have a hard time pulling that off.  Of course, my other option was to fake my death.  But that seems to be too much work.  Any suggestions are appreciated.  Thanks.   


Woolly Bugger

Don't hang with Gordo, you'll get stinkin' drunk and your in-laws will never invite you back....

jis sayin'
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A week with inlaws.......... ???

Plenty of this this Pete.......remember the buds..... 0--0

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Your choice, or all three...... 0--0

It makes people way more interesting.

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peter p

All excellent suggestions, but do you really think I haven't thought of those yet? 



Let's see, it's been awhile, but here are 2 if you like history:  1.  Andrew Jackson's home--the Homestead (I think) and 2. the Civil War battlefield at Murfreesboro.


Isn't the Caney Fork near Nashville? 


I would go with TP first, than if that is not working, lots of what trouthemp suggests  0--0

I figure if the first doesn't relax you, the rest will help you forget what is going on. ;D

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Pete, you have a PM (and NO woowee, it is not a list of drinking establishments!  ::)).

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Quote from: Gofisher on December 15, 2008, 14:26:16 PM

Pete, you have a PM (and NO woowee, it is not a list of drinking establishments!  ::)).

It should be! ;D

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