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September 23, 2021, 04:16:45 AM


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Soho tomorrow...hopefully

Started by jkilday4, December 12, 2008, 09:34:34 AM

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Well the watershed really got a good bit of rain the last two days.  I'm hoping it will be somewhat clear tomorrow.  Anybody have a guess to how the water clarity might be after all the rain?


The creeks here are high,but they are clearing
The creek that comes in at the step grates runs thru dirt and is usually one of the muddiest,which of course muddies up the whole river.
If the SOHO is muddy,go to the Watauga and take your BWO Drys. Huge Bwo hatch came off around Blevins road on Tuesday.



SoHo got dirty yesterday at 5:00pm


Thanks for the tip JT.  FWIW, Another gent I spoke with at lunch said 32 hrs post-heavy-rain is his loose rule for allowing muddy water to clear up on the Soho.



Rick, did you catch that fish in shallow water? :angel:


No not with 2 # 6 shot and a #4

I'll put it this way. It was deep enough for you and I to float our hats. ;D


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Rick, it doesn't have to be very deep to float our hats! ;D


Stash, either the guy takin' the pic is tall or yer a short little focker...seein' how yer lookin' up at the camera ::) ;D

Kim 8)
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