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Leader adjustments?

Started by Fire-Fly, December 11, 2008, 15:59:38 PM

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This past weekend i was fishing a size 18 bwo and had 18" of 7x tippet dropped off of it with a 22 midge. I tied on my normal 6x for the leader and tippet but had some trouble getting a good presentation with the dry and thought about going to a size larger leader 5x. Does anyone else use a larger size leader and tippet when they add a dropper to the fly.


You'll have to be more specific on what the problem with the dry fly was, for instance was it floating low, or where you getting drag on the drift. What type of water were you fishing? fast riffles or slow current.

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No problems with the fly once it was on the water, but it did not want to lay all the way out on the cast, it would fall short of laying out completely, much like if you have too large a fly for the leader size.


That's not necessarily a problem...piling your tippet can give you a better drift.

Woolly Bugger

you were on the Smith? what about wind? any wind? 7x is pretty whimpy stuff.....

you didn't mention what kind of leader you were using...

could be a casting thing too: http://www.sexyloops.com/flycasting/contents.shtml

or build a leader: http://globalflyfisher.com/fishbetter/leadercalc/download.php

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The fly not laying out correctly is probably due to the extra drag provided by the 18" of dropper.  If you cast with a fairly open loop you are probably adding to the issue.  I would try closing the loop more by firming up your wrist on the forward cast instead of changing your leader material.  Try to get the fly and line to open up at the end of the forward cast about a foot above the water and let it float to the surface.  This should add the desired affect and full length to the forward stroke.

This method works for me but am using a fast action rod.

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It does sound like your casting stroke. But heres is something you can try next time you casting that same set up. Just before, your line completes the layout, (while you still have a loop) pinch the line lightly, this will slow down the fly line and let the leader and tippet lay out. This is a short term fix that might work,

But try and get advice on your casting stroke by a knowledgeable caster.

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Thanks for all the responses. I did think it was my stroke, i had been fishing for a while that day and was getting a bit slack on my casting. TP i did try that and it worked by pinching the line, i remember you saying something about that before. But i took the dropper off and the fly landed exactly where i wanted.

Woolly.. i had thought about making my own leaders but after reading the calculations i just got a headache, do you think they really do better than knottless leaders? I have wondered if knotless was not as productive as tied leaders. And yes their was some wind on the smith that day and could be the contributor to this but it wasnt real bad, i've cast in worst on it, but your right 7x is some whimpy stuff. Maybe i need a new rod!  ;hb