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NCWRC proposals

Started by fleming13, November 21, 2008, 14:03:24 PM

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OK, I have not seen this posted on here.  And looks like we need some fishing talk goin on.  ;hb  Check out the regulation changes the NCWRC has in store.  On the plus side, Wilson Creek DH.  On the down side, reclassifying the South Toe C&R FF only section as Wild so the campers can keep a few.  A lot of folks have put in lots of work to let the C&R reg fall away now.  Check the entire booklet out here.


Your district commisioner contact info here.


General contact email for NCWRC here.


I highly recommend attending one of the meetings if you are able to.  If not then send out some emails.  There is a list of meeting places in the PDF file.  You are allowed to stand and voice your opinion at the meetings on some or all of the recommendations.  The comments are recorded and sent to the state WRC office for review.  Squeaky wheel gets what they want.  Get involved!  BTW there are some interesting hunting changes mentioned as well.  Gonna have to go back over the booklet again.

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thanks for posting big j....

winkler creek? damn, thar goes mccrayfishes secret water  ;D


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peter p

Heard through the grapevine that Curtis Wright Outfitters will have a petition in their stores to sign against the change on the S Toe.  Every little bit helps to try and keep the current rules in place.   



Im gonna go sign that petition tomorrow... I guess Ill call first to make sure which store its at though.  Are you gonna sign it Pete?

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peter p

I talked to one of the employees today.  They may not have it at the stores yet.  I believe it will be at all 3 stores though 


Woolly Bugger

anybody doing an on-line petition?

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okay well, when you find it at the stores let me know through this blog i guess, and if anyone finds online ones let us know here too... Wolly i dont know of any...

Anything is possible with will, determination, and an endless supply of expendable labor.


Wilson Creek??!!!! That'd be great IF they can stop the poachin up there! Way too many rednecks, I mean good ole boys to do that! They cany control the DH water they have opened! Can you imagine the number of bait chunkers that would come out to fish? Not enough ticket books!

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peter p

The real win with Wilson Creek is that is can now become DH because of the good job everyone did in making sure a development was not placed on the creek and then the land being purchased and placed in public hands.  With out all the good work by a lot of people, it would not have ever become DH water.   0--0