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Soho rain

Started by troutphisher, November 15, 2008, 21:26:19 PM

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Glassfisher and I fished the soho today. Glass picked up a new bamboo rod and wanted to get it on the water.
We met at our usual spot at 6:15am and headed out. The weather called for rain and dropping temps, but we decided to go anyways. Our local streams were down again, so road trip.

We arrived on the river at 8:15 and proceeded to rig up. The new rod glass picked up is a sharps 88.
It's an impregnated bamboo rod with a parabolic action. The rod was in real good condition, and looked pretty nice.

We decided to fish a riffle section and work our way down stream. Glass started with a sulphur mighty may and a bwo emerger, I started with a black zebra midge and bwo emerger dropped 10" off the zebra.
we were soon into fish, and had fun catching browns and rainbows, then it started to pour. The rain was coming down most of the day and the winds kicked up. It was difficult to cast double rig's in the gusts, but we managed.

We decided to move up river in the afternoon, and fish another spot hoping to catch a bwo hatch, and we weren't disappointed. Around 1:00pm, the bows started coming off but the wind and rain kept the fish down in the slack water. We both nymph ed for a while and managed some more browns and bows.

I moved down to a riffle section and saw fish rising at regular intervals, even though the rain was coming down hard. I switched fly's an put on a size 18 split tail bwo dry. Even though the rain and wind were hard at times, the fish attacked the fly. I had a blast catching rainbows on the dry during rain.

Glass moved down river to join me, he wanted to test the new rod on casting drys, and was soon into rainbows.
We spent the rest of the day catching fish on drys, before the darkness Finlay drove us off the river.

Before we left, glass handed me his new bamboo and said give it cast. The rod is rated for a 5/6 line and glass had a new line that listed as 6-1/2 weight. I cast the rod and it shot line out, I could see why glass liked this rod especially in the wind. The tip takes some getting used to, as it reacts to the line more pronounced then normal rods. It was also a little heavy but still very comfortable to fish.

We ended the day toasting with a couple of beers, I had the Oktoberfest Weiss beer and glass had some strange rouge red beer, I think it was Russian....he he he

On the way home we ran into snow showers at the higher elevations, it was a strange day weather wise.

Here are some pic's of the day.
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Woolly Bugger

I thought about coming over, but it rained like hell here last night and they were calling for more of the same..

I stayed out late and slept in....
ex - I'm not going to live with you through one more fishing season!

me -There's a season?

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Ya, I know...you needed your beauty sleep...wuss.

The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.


Quote from: troutphisher on November 16, 2008, 11:37:04 AM
Ya, I know...you needed your beauty sleep...wuss.

It aint working! ;D


Ya both suck! I was layin out in the cold rain tryin to qualify with an M-16. 36 outa 40, thatnk you very much!
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Dang Chuck, Why didnt ya just poke 4 more holes in the target with your pencil??
ha ha ha!!! Whos idea was it to qualify in Nov anyways? Glad to see you do earn your money at least once in a while. Hardy Har Har!


nice work guys...TP, did you get my message?