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Hiking in, camping and fishing

Started by Oldman, November 14, 2008, 16:48:08 PM

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Do any of yall do that or am I the only one?? Just wondering.

Woolly Bugger

use to more than i do now, except hiking in to Al's ;)

ex - I'm not going to live with you through one more fishing season!

me -There's a season?

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Woolly, your to modest, you can boulder hop like an old billy gaot... ;D ;D ;D

Wait a minute......you are an old billy goat...he he he he

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As stated earlier, Am I the only one?


I am in the process - gearing up and training for spring hikes and camping that will also take in some blue line fishing.  I hope to take time off and hike some of the AT next year, but have to get back in better shape.  Getting there.  Nursing a strained knee at the moment.  Keeps me fishing locally until I can climb again.


In the great outdoors your soul expands to the horizon!

old tom

I do about one a year.  With Bryson City as a base I do more "hike in, fish, hike out, drink a cold beer, eat a warm dinner, sleep in a real bed, repeat as necessary."  Getting soft in my old age.


Well Tom, You are not that much older than I am. And, seeing how we only live maybe 15 miles from each other we should try and hit the stream somewhere and share a brew.? After all we are both Methodists.


I do it a good bit, especially in SNP and the George Washington NF.


Well now, We need to go. Maybe you can take me to that suspect trib with the suspect wild trout.


I do a few hike in trips a year. I have the gear and should go more often.


"I Feel God In This Chili's Tonight"


Perhaps we should plan a trip? Bit chilly now though. Maybe come early spring? I am game.


That's the main way I like to fish. I allows you to get past the average "weekend" crowd. I have more than enough gear and my friend and I are planning a week long trip for the spring to hike/fish SNP.


Thats great. What time o year yall going? With the construction business slower than granny going to the doctors office I just wish it was spring.


That's alright Rex, It'll be Spring soon ... and it'll still be slow! All the time in the world to fish.

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