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High country brook trout

Started by troutphisher, November 04, 2008, 19:37:40 PM

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I fished a high elevation stream with Brownhunter today. We had planed this trip last week, deciding to fish on election day, after we each canceled out an Obama vote!

Brown got tied up a little at the election both, so we met at a local gas station around 9:45am.
I arrived a little early to fuel up at $2.18 a gallon!. I visit this gas station just about daily and know the employees well, they always see me in waders and ask where I am fishing today.

The manager asked me if I voted and I replied yes! I canceled out an Obama vote! she said I get a free cup of coffee for voting!

When I turn around there were three black gents standing behind me, and the look on their faces was priceless. One guy asked where I was from, and I told him Chicago, he was even more stunned...LOL.
I told them Obama didn't do shit in Chicago, and wasn't going to much for the country either.

Brown finally showed up and we packed in gear in my car and headed for the stream. We decided to hit the higher elevations water. I haven't been to this water since the spring and wanted to see how it fared through the summer months. The weather was cool at 54 degs, the sky's bright and sunny. Went we got the 4000ft elevations we saw ice on the cliffs, and remnants of snow in the shaded areas. This was a good sign and we were hoping the water would be flowing.

We arrived at the spot we wanted to start fishing at and saw the water was flowing good. I checked the water temperature and it was 41 degs. Perfect for fishing.

I headed down stream and Brown headed up stream, to fish a couple of pools and runs. I looked around and saw no insects coming off but decided to fish a dry size 18 bwo with split tails. I had just finished these fly's about a hour before the trip.

The fishing was slow with bright sky's and crystal clear water but we both managed a couple of fish.
I headed farther down stream to some pools I knew would hold fish and fished this area for a while before Brown came down to meet up. We sat at the edge of this nice run with several boulders breaking up the current when brown noticed a rise. He pointed out the spot, and I waited until I saw the fish rise again.

I made several casts and had the fish rise to the fly only to miss the take. Around the fifth or sixth time, I finally managed to hook the fish, it was a really nicely colored female about 6 inches long. I put the camera in the water a snapped a pic of the fish coming at me with the fly in it's mouth.

We decided to moved farther down stream and headed back to the car to drive. When we arrived at another spot with a deep long pool we could see some fish rising, so we fished it for the last hour.

We had fun fishing, and the scenery was beautiful, the fall colors in the valley were strong, but up top the leaves were mostly gone.

It was a good day to be out on the water, after voting.

here are some pic's of the day.

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U all suck 0--0...nice pics TP 0--0

Kim 8)
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Sorry, no pics to add of the day and adventure, but it sure was fun. We had a great time even though the fish weren't exactly cooperating. It was tough!!!! The problem was we didn't see many fish either, and that could have been because they can see you coming from a mile away  o-o

The water was cool, but was running really well. A couple of the other streams we saw were really low, but this one was fine. I think the snow and ice meltoff has helped this stream in the past few weeks.

Again, thanks for a great day TP. Hope to get out again soon.

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Nice pics as usual.  Glad you were almost able to leave the election behind.  Hope to get up that way this weekend myself.  Thanks for sharing your trip.