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Mitchell 10-23

Started by Tandemfly, October 23, 2005, 19:23:29 PM

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Well, me and a bunch of my family made the trip up to the Mitchell River today.  The fishing was probably about as slow as I've ever seen it up there.  I only managed to catch three fish all day, and most of the folks in my crowd got skunked.  I figure the flood a couple weeks ago probably killed or washed away a lot of fish.  Hopefully things will get better after the November stocking.  There was one bright spot to the day though.  My youngest cousin, who's twelve, is the only one in the group who had never caught a trout before.  I took him to fish with me this morning, and in about half an hour he had a 10" rainbow in his hand.  Talk about a happy camper (him and me).  He even caught a 12" bow near the end of the day.  It was a lot of fun to watch him catch those first fish (on a fly that I tied) knowing that I was the one who helped him do it.  All in all a good day, even if there weren't many fish.


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HH's are a litttle shy on fish. You may be right on wash out.
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