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October 28, 2021, 00:31:55 AM


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Happy B-day Gordie!!

Started by troutphisher, April 08, 2008, 07:59:50 AM

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Happy birth day Sir Gordon, and many more to ya friend..... 0--0

As I can't be there with you to celebrate, tip one back for me!

The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.


You mean at your age, you're still having birthdays?  :o  I gave that up years ago.  Have a good urn anyway. 0--0 

Trout Maharishi

What I wanna know is how the hell has he lived this long ///?

There's more B.S. in fly fishing than there is in a Kansas feedlot.

Lefty Kreh


Happy Birthday, Gordie!

Yer Pal,

Remember...We all live downstream.

peter p

Happy B-Day Gordie.  Hope you ahve a great day



Woolly Bugger

ex - I'm not going to live with you through one more fishing season!

me -There's a season?

Pastor explains icons to my son: you know like the fish symbol on the back of cars.

My son: My dad has two fish on his car and they're both trout!



Happy Birthday Gordo!  Say hey to the folks at da pool hall...eh!

I'll buy ya a beer the next time I see ya!

Happy Birthday

Ralph   0--0

Life's about havin' FUN!!!


Thanks guys, I drank one for each of you.  0--0

Yankee by birth, Rebel by choice.