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$15 can buy you love

Started by Tim Jones, October 07, 2005, 19:05:41 PM

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Tim Jones

Bullhead creek 10/7

Braved the rain today to head to Stone Mtn to try my luck. When I arrived it was wet but not raining very hard. Started at the practice pool and thought it may be a good day as I rigged my new Sage and watched some good size fish launch themselves up the the falls trying to get upstream. Started with a pink Sanwan worm and quickly hooked into a 8-9 inch brown. After releasing him And making a couple more drifts down the right side I hooked another 7 inch brown. Time to head to my designated section (could have fished the whole stream not a person in sight). At the first pool I was using a Chernobyl ant and was a bit slow on the draw when I saw a large flash under my fly  :'(. I can't believe I missed that guy he was big and I missed but I won't forget him. Worked me way upstream in a steady rain. Hooked into 5-6 more browns from 6-10 inches and missed a few others. Terrestrials and drys were the order of the day. When I got to the top of my section I thought I might swing back down to where I missed that flash in the beginning. I knew where he was and made the 1st cast with my wulff to the exact spot and up he came. Took the fly and headed back to his hole, when he felt my tug he was not happy and immediately headed under a rock. With my rod tip high against him I managed to turn him from under the edge and brought him back out for a fair fight. After a couple of minuted I had him in my small net barely and was glad to see this nice 14 inch brown up close. My day was a success!!! Went down o the car for a break as the rain started to really come down. Decided to make a few more cast with a woolly in the practice pool. Caught 2 more fish in three casts. Worked the first section with the woolly on a leader dip and caught a couple more small guys. Fishing from 10:30 to 3:00 I would say it was a well spent 15 bucks.

One sad moment to the day. After taking a couple pics early in the day with my camera phone I had the great fortune of dropping it in the stream as I was ducking under a limb ($200) down the drain.

Who says $15 can't buy you love. Browns rule the day ;D


Nice report. I did not fish Bullhead last year after a few poor trips the year before. I think it was me, rather than the stream. I think I will give it another go this year.


Super report, Glad they got fish back in there since the pochers hit it last year.


wow, i am impressed.  i was there three weeks ago for a couple of hours and hooked a big zero.   :'(  It got cut short cuz i rolled my ankle.   ::)  ok, so do you give lessons?  how much?    :-\

BTW, don't throw away that phone yet and hold off getting a new one.  i've heard some of them are quite sturdy.  just air them out real well first then try it with a new battery, hopefully, all you will need is a new battery.

when's a newbie no longer a newbie...

Tim Jones

Badankles don't think I'm the man just remember if you were there a few weeks ago the place wasn't stocked yet.

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