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East TN weekend

Started by glassfisher, February 05, 2008, 00:09:44 AM

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February 05, 2008, 00:09:44 AM Last Edit: February 05, 2008, 15:52:19 PM by glassfisher

I spent 3 days on the Watuga and SOHO in East TN this past weekend.  I hadn't fished he Watuga in awhile, but I was confident I has the SOHO figured out.  Last weekend I really had a productive time with a sz 20 flashabou/olive midge battern I came up with (which looked very similar to a black fly larvae).

Friday started out great, the temperature was 50 degrees and it was partly cloudy, perfect fishing weather.  I started out on the Watuga and picked up a couple of fish on a sz 20 tan midge.  Not much size to them, but gorgeous fish and they put up a good fight for their size.  Mid morning we decided to move on the the SOHO and the wind picked up and the rain started.  Another 2 hours later and it was all out gale warning.  I managed to pick up one bow in the literal whitecaps on the SOHO, needless to say it wasn't on the same midge that worked a week ago.  My buddy fared much better, landing over 10 fish and losing a 20+ inche monster brown.  We moved downstream into the recently opened spawning waters and I picked up another couple of bows and lost a nice brown.  I was ready to get back to the cabin and have as it turned out a few too many bottles of "warm-up juice".   0--0

The next morning started out late, for some reason I needed to sleep in ...   o-o  Dry fly fishing seemed well suited to a hangover and the Watuga cooperated with a great BWO hatch.  Some of the biggest BWO's I've seen, sz 16 and 18.  I picked up a few fish on 18 parachute and paraloop BWO emergers.

I knew I was ready to hook up with the big one on Sunday and I was starting to put the pieces together.  Prolific BWO's hatching, browns still must be closer to the spawning grounds and holding in faster water.  A couple of hours and 10 fair sized fish later I hooked into what I was looking for.  I cast under a low lying tree and the indicator went down.  Several minutes later I was pulling a size 20 BWO nymph out of the the mouth of a 20 inch brown... finally a good day!

Enjoy the pics.

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Woolly Bugger

sweet report and nice fish...

btw you suck!
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Very nice report, Glass!!! Oh yeah, nice BROWN 0--0

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Trout Chaser

Way to go ;hb  Nice pics



Very niiice. I was up there too, but did not get any that size. :'(  Maybe next time.

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Quote from: glassfisher on February 05, 2008, 00:09:44 AM

but I was confident I has the SOHO figured out. 

Just you wait.....

Thanks for the report and pics, glad you had success


Nice brown. I was on the Smith last week and saw some bwo's that were around a size 14-16. The biggest i've seen there myself. No fish were rising for them though.



I hit the SoHo on Friday the 15th. It sorta sucked! The wind was blowing all day. We caught 2 between the 2 of us. It was a very long day!

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