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Land O' Sky October Meeting

Started by teachrtec, October 02, 2005, 20:46:52 PM

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The October  3 meeting will be at Three Brothers Restaurant on the corner of Montford Ave. and Haywood Street ( just up from Hunter Banks).  Our featured speaker will be Powell Wheeler,district 9 biologist,  who couldn't make it to the last meeting due to the Governor  cutting travel funds for state employees.   Powell will be presenting a program on Trout Stream Classification and Reintroduction Projects.  Three Brothers has some excellent food and this program will be informative and interesting—and also helpful to our chapter as we work to develop conservation projects. 

We will be stocking the N. Mills River on Thursday October 6 and Thursday November 3.    Please contact Don Bellm at dgbamb@charter.net to let him know you'll be there.

See you Monday evening,


Brad  8)