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DH Mayhem

Started by Phil, October 06, 2007, 18:19:27 PM

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OK, so I stooped to fishing the Watauga River DH in Foscoe, NC today.
First, there was an auto accident. An SUV collided with someone else and landed on its roof. I spent an hour in traffic waiting for the road to clear. Finally got to the water, and it was packed with fishermen. I sat in the car until some gave up and went away, and finally hit the water. Found a decent 20 foot hole that nobody was fishing, started up and was carefully working my way to the small riffle with some water. Caught a few, but spotted a good flash right in the mouth of the riffle.

Just then, a young dude with a spinning rod and a Powerbait worm walked right upstream of me, stood near my shoulder within 6 feet, and casted into the riffle head.
"Man, this is my hole," I said. "I'm fishing right here."
"I don't give a f#ck,"  he said, and proceeded to catch the fish I had spotted with his powerbait. It was a 20 inch rainbow. He fought it all through the hole I was fishing, almost knocking me over in the process.
I reeled in, clipped off my fly, and left.
Another flyfisherman upstream came down to me and said
"I watched that, and it sucked. I would have beat his ass."
I was pretty pissed, but it was just DH mayhem.
It don't mean nothing, I guess.


DH always mean more than "delayed harvest"......it is also a wonderful adjective to describe those type of fishermen found there..... ;) >:D

The truth hurts but not as much as a gas guzzling, eco wrecking SUV hitting you at 100 MPH!  Yeah baby, yeah!


Quote from: jscagline on October 06, 2007, 18:49:37 PM

DH always mean more than "delayed harvest"......it is also a wonderful adjective to describe those type of fishermen found there.....

Yep. The only problem -- I live here in the mountains. All the wild streams are dead with no water. If you find one with any water, it would be unethical and a crime to fish for the few trout who are still alive and now gasping. Almost all my favorite local streams will be recovering for years (even if we get some measurable rain).

I wanted to catch some trout. That pretty much means DH or going to Tennessee to the SoHo or Watauga.


I got into one of those situations back in my twenties.  I had a hole to myself for about 20 minutes.  A car pulled up and a guy piled out with a spinning rod.  He walked right up behind me (in my backcast) and started fishing.  I would have moved, but the spot I was in was the only angle to work a backcast from, so I asked him if he wouldn't mind moving down a little so I wouldn't hook him.  I got the "Fu** you, it's not your river" comment, so I said, " Suit yourself."  I clipped off my fly and dug in my box for a small midge, debarbed it, tied it on, then tossed one back cast...and hooked the guy cleanly in the ear.  He went ballistic and charged me.  He was on the high bank and I tossed off my vest and threw the rod down on the bank, pretty sure he was going to jump me.  In the few seconds I had to think, I had it all planned out how I was going to drown the SOB. Then he turned and headed back for his car.  That was when it dawned on me that he probaly had a gun and I was going to get shot.  I climbed up on the bank to see what was getting ready to happen...I saw him looking at his ear in his rear view mirror.  He saw me looking at him, then said, "Man, you need to get some casting lessons!".  Then he drove off.

I will never get in that situation again.  Not worth it.  You handled it right.


I was that fly fisherman that said that to you.  Yes it did suck.  Those guys were rude to everyone on the entire stretch.  I was waiting for something to blow up.  We would have had your back, that was your fish, haha.



yeah there is always a bunch of rude inconsiderate idiots out there.  I have had run in with them many of times.


I expect that the DH mayhem is going to be as bad as the drought this year.


It's funny you posting that.  I stopped by Stone Mt. for a short while Friday morning.  As we approached the park, I envisioned having a similar encounter, and I was running though my mind all the ways I could teach any rude  punk a lesson if them messed with me....  And then I realized how stupid and arrogant I was being.  It's only fishing, and I really don't own the stream.  Besides that, I have a hurt knee that's almost better.  Any altercation, even if I "won" would no doubt re-injure it.

No, the best thing to do is fish while you can, and if someone crowds in on you, no matter how rudely, just walk a way.  If you can't find another place to fish, then maybe it's time to go home.

I was very fortunate on Friday.  The fishermen in the park were well mannered and well spread out.  I had a prime hole to myself for 2.5 hours, and had a great time.

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It's getting bad when you have to bring your own rock to the "opening day" of delayed harvest!

It sounds just as bad as the Opening Day at the end of DH! Where its' crazy with bait and spin fishermen hauling out their limits.

We were very fortunate to be fishing some private water where there were only three of us on a 1/4 miles section. No worries about leaving your pool or run for fear that someone would jump in.

It's not getting any easier to find the solitude that makes fly fishing such a relaxing and enjoyable pastime. I usually won't fish 'popular' streams on the w/e for fear of crowds and usually seek out smaller wild streams over DH waters. There you can still find miles of water and solitude. Sure it takes a lot more effort, but the rewards are equal to the work.

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I just leave the river when it gets like that. I'd rather find a pond and fish for sunfish by myself, than fish back to back with anyone!