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Savannah River 9/27

Started by croaker, September 27, 2005, 22:09:47 PM

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Billres was kind enough to show me some of his fishin'
holes today.  While we didn't catch any big urns like he did last week...  We caught a good many Redbreast a few Bluegill and LM Bass, most on topwater.

Early morning on the Savannah River.

Fat little LM on top.

Nice Bluegill.


After Bill put the boat near the spot this fish was feedin' 2 or 3 times...  several strikes outta @ 50 casts... this LM finally got the Wiggle Minnow stuck in his lip..  reckin I was wasn't holdin my mouth right or sumthin...

Another Redbreast.

Afternoon view of the river.

Thanks Bill, twas a good day on the water.
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Woolly Bugger

looks like y'all had a purdy day on the river. thanks for the report and see you soon @ PFF
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Nice Pics Don. Wished I knew y'all were going today. I was off and could have joined y'all. Looks like a pretty nice day. Nice fish Croaker.


Sweet.... thanks for sharing.

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Rod Champion

When the post read" Early morning on Savanha" i didn't know was going to happen ;D
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