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NC stream

Started by troutphisher, September 15, 2007, 22:02:21 PM

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I fished a stream in the mountains of western NC today. We finally had some rain and the streams in the area are up!

The weather could not have been better, it was 64 deg when I started this morning at 6:30am. The water was stained from the rain and the water temp was a cool 61 degs.

I sat near the bank and watched several fish rising. They were rising for small midges and a few bwo's. The bwo were size 20. I watched a fish rising near the bank just below a boulder. The rises were very subtle, barely breaking the surface. I tied on a #18 loop wing emerger, and made several casts.
On the fourth cast, the fly landed in perfect position. It was carried by the current up against the boulder, then released in the eddy current. It moved another foot, and the fish sipped it. As soon as I felt the pull, I knew this was a good fish. It ran down river into the next pocket pool, and I managed to keep it in the pool. It pulled drag 3 times, and I though it was going to get into some logs and the deep end of the pool. When I finally got the fish into the net, it was a 23" rainbow. It had deep rose sides and cheek plates. The spots on this fish were very pronounced and deep.

This was the first fish I caught on a new rod I purchased from AL.
It's a Orvis Battenkill 8ft 3-7/8 oz 6wt rod, and it performed flawlessly.
This rod was made by Calvin Skinner in 1949. I fished all day with a 9ft 6x tapered leader and about 3ft of 6x tippet. The rod protected the tippet all day.

I fished the whole day, and caught some more small rainbows with the emerger.
Around 2:00pm a good caddis hatch was on, and I moved up stream to some pocket water and riffles. I caught some small browns, and some really pretty brook trout. The colors on the brook trout, were really nice. Orange bellies, white and black tipped fins, and the spots were very colorful.

I was glad to get back to my home waters, and hope the rains continue.
I couldn't have asked for a better way to break in the new bamboo rod.
The first fish on was a good fish and the rest of them were jest as nice.

I really like this new rod and plan to fish it often. The extra 6" on this rod made it a dream to roll cast.

Here are some pics of the day

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Great report once again, Phish. Thanks for sharing.

Oh yeah, man, that bow is a big :o

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Dayum!  :o u da man! I went to my daughter's soccer game... they won 5 - 2, the team played a great game! They enjoyed the cooler weather too!

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I know the spot... thanks for the report.  Good to hear about the rain.  Real nice fish too.


23 inch bow. WOW thats a nice looking fish,  the brookie aint bad either 0--0

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solid TP...thanks for the report


Sounds like a top notch outing.  :)

Brad  8)

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Keep the reports coming.  I'm fully engrossed in youth soccer right now.  Beautiful pics, any chance of one of the new to you boo?? 0--0



Real beauties - particularly the brookie.  I'm with everybody else - keep those reports coming!



Good report and great pics. Glad the Boo worked out well.


It's all good drifts


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Here is some pic's of the rod. This rod is different from the other's I have.
The guides and check winding, rod tip are all blued. I don't think Orvis blues the guides anymore on standard rods.

This rod really cast's a Cortland 555 WF5 line superbly. It fully loads the rod, and snaps the line out crisply. The rod was originally designed for 6wt silk line.
As with most older bamboo rods, it usually takes a modern line (one line wt) lighter than the rating. But It really depends on your casting style and personal preferences. I like to cast the Orvis Midge rod with a modern 5wt line, and thats the line weight it was rated for in 69 when it was made.

I fitted this rod with a Pflueger Trion reel. This reel really balances out the rod.
It put's the CG at about an inch below the top of the cork grip.

Anyways here are the pics of the rod.

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nice stick...and your lawn is lovely too

peter p

I think after the bow, I might have retired the rod.  Can't get much better.  Wow!



Great report phish!

Grand way to break in a new rod!

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Way to go TP. Beautiful bow and a fine looking rod!

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