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November 29, 2021, 04:27:36 AM


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French Broad Bluegill Nymphing

Started by teachrtec, September 08, 2007, 20:48:04 PM

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I was Mr. Mom all day so when Momma got home I ran down to the FB. Ran a pair of nymphs under a indicator. Fished the rocky edges of the deep pools that are left. I hate this drought.

Caught a bout a doz. nice size sunfish, a big bluegill and 5 or 6 red eyed bass. One of the red eyes was pretty nice.

It was nice  :)

Brad  8)


You and me both!, I hope we get some rain soon, the flows are at an all time low, looking at the USGS graphs.

I may have to drive far again tomorrow.

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I was reading in American Angler this month about red eye fish, i always thought that what i caught smallmouth fishing was a red eye but its not. The red eye is a type of bass that lives mostly in Georgia and S.C. small steams, and from what i understand from the article, it is the Brook trout of the deep south. And from the pic of it in the article i personally have never caught one and it is not what i had traditionaly called a red eye, the article stated that what most people called a red eye was actually a type of sunfish. Anyway i just thought it was an interesting article.

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Here is what i was refering to a red eye bass.


Also another article.


In the fall issue of American Angler the Article "Deep south Brookies" By Pete Elkins, he talks about Red Eye Bass. I was'nt trying to say that anyone was wrong in what they call a red eye just thought it was neat to find this article about what this author called a "true red eye bass".


The Coosa Bass, Shoal Bass and Spotted Bass all have red eyes and are true bass.  The funny thing is, most of the fish we call "bass" aren't bass at all.  The Smallmouth Bass and Largemouth Bass both belong to the sunfish family, as does the Rock Bass that Wooly posted.  Rockies, as I grew up calling them, are a common cool water fish found in rivers and streams from here to Canada.  They don't get much bigger than the one pictured, and are as fine an eating fish as any of their sunfish cousins.

But, as to the "true red eye", they all have red eyes, so I guess they all are. >:D