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Getting back to fishing..... what's your favorite strike indicator..

Started by Woolly Bugger, July 13, 2007, 15:21:05 PM

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Woolly Bugger

be as specific as possible... color, style, size, and reason!

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me -There's a season?

Pastor explains icons to my son: you know like the fish symbol on the back of cars.

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Trout Maharishi

What was that thing that Allen Howell dude invented to be used as an indicator? The vindicator or ballocater or something like that. I was gonna make one but he kinda dropped out of sight before I could get some good directions :-X

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Lefty Kreh


I like yellow in high vis, orange in low.  I use various yarns, rarely pinch-ons, and only snoopy bobbers when steelhead fishing (or using JT's rod).  As far as size... as small as I can keep floating with the particular fly, shot, waterspeed/depth, etc.  Sometimes my "indy" will be as bigg as a dandylion, others smaller than peanut.

Did that help?  ??? ;D

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whats and indicator? anybody got a pic?

Thanks in advance, you guys are the best  ;D  ;D  ;D   ;D


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A foam bait rig float cut half into with a bandsaw and a tooth pick to hold the line in place. Bigger flies or weight. Cheap and effective. Red and white or orange and white. White closer to the flies.

Shallower nymph a Kaufman Stimulator or such.

I have been tring the Rio Kahuna for a drift were the indicator scaring the fish. Lands lite floats pretty well and casts easy.

A piece of white insulation off a CAT 5 internet cable works for a good 'dredging indicator'. Fixed mid way down the leader.

I don't high stick much. Practice it in the DH. Target rich enviroment  :)

Brad  8)


Trying to ween myself off them, by practicing on bluegills, haven't done it yet though.  I use the twist on, with a rubber band holding it together, about the size of a multivitamin pill, big flies I'll use two of em.  They're half florescent yellow, florescent orange.  They're easy to adjust the depth with, kind of expensive though.


The bait rig floats are pretty cheap 25 for $2.40. The twist on ones are what drove me to them.


Brad  8)


Peewee gave me some chartreuse Bio-Strike a year ago.  I find I like the Bio-Strike, but I often have difficulty seeing the chartreuse.  My choice of color would be hunter-orange or day-glow red.  I use a pinch about the size of a pea and taper it into a torpedo shape.  I like to keep it small enough that it just barely floats.  That way, in turbulent runs, the fly can go deep, but, if the water is clear, I can still see the indicator.


I use a 1 gallon milk jug and a 2 oz. surf sinker. I paint the milk jug in camo colors so it doesn't frighten the fish.

Here's a picture I drew:
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richard bernabe

This thread is funny for so many different reasons.

Please, lets hear more.


Thanks Guys! your a real swell bunch!  ;D

From the pic's and descriptions, I think I have a good Handel on what indicators are now.

I can't wait to try them out!  0--0

The orange side up, right?

The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.


Brad  8)


Take an average size condom, blow up about 1/3 of it. Tie it with a clove hitch to your line. Voila.

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Darn, Mr Gofisher.

Geez, now I am really confused. Rubber or cork  ???

Can sombody explaine the pro's and con's


The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.