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Holston River

Started by Larry, June 27, 2007, 16:34:15 PM

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My wife and I had to go to ILL for a wedding reception for my daughter and I thought we should go early so that I could go trout fishing somewhere new. My wife thought that it was an excellent idea as well and I ended up fishing the Holston river in Tenn. I hired a guide, something I rarely do, and spent the day on a tail water that was the size of the James River at Lynchburg. I caught about 20 fish and had a great time. It was my first time fishing a drift boat, Hyde, and everything went very well except for the heat. The fish were not real big with most being in the 12 inch range, but were some of the hardest fighters for their size I've seen. It was a great trip and I plan to fish the Tenn. area again.

Woolly Bugger

good river that does hold some big trout! Keep at it. learn to wade it, come to the PFF in the spring and you'll find out that she's a fine river indeed.

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me -There's a season?

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You did real good....there aint no fish in da Holston! ;)

Ralph   0--0

Life's about havin' FUN!!!


Sounds like a nice time Larry!

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Are you talking about the Holston below Cherokee dam in Jefferson Co. or the South Holston in Sullivan Co?


Yes, I am talking about the Holston below the Cherokee dam in Jefferson county. They started to stocking it in the early 90"s and it is becoming a good place to fish. There is about 10 miles of river that can be fished for trout.


Trout and Rainbows in the same water....streamers baby!!!