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Rivercourse 2007

Started by jamie, June 26, 2007, 08:56:44 AM

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June 26, 2007, 08:56:44 AM Last Edit: June 26, 2007, 13:33:59 PM by jamie

This year my daughter Hailey had the tremendous opportunity to attend NCTU's Rivercourse. As I left her on Sunday afternoon my heart sank as I knew she was going to be 2 1/2 hours from home and not know anyone. As the last week progressed we recieved no phone calls and one morning I awoke about 2 AM thinking of that child's well being and how she was holding out. When Friday finally rolled around, I was up bright and early at 3AM and was on the road to Lake Logan by 4:50AM. All I wanted after a week away from her is to be in the general area of her camp.

I fished a little wild stream that was close to her camp for a couple of hours before her scheduled pick up at 1PM. I parked the truck in the lodge parking lot around 12:30 and was met at the door by my daughter telling me that the camp was not over and I had to come back, this was not the greeting I had expected.

Our 2 1/2 hour ride home was filled with stories of fish stockings, dissections,planting trees, a fish shocking, fishing tournaments, tying,fishing, campfires and bugs.Hailey has told me that was the best camp she has ever been to.

I would like thank everyone that donated their time to these kids. Your commitment, dedication and patience has made a lasting impression on my daughter and the lessons that she learned from Rivercourse will last her lifetime. I personally praise all of you for your efforts. Thank you.
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"I don't much care for hatchery trout. They're better than no trout at all, but otherwise they're inferior in every way to their wild relatives" - John Gierach

Woolly Bugger

It's a great program and I hope that my son can attend next year. Right now he's out at Philmont on day 3 of 11 day backpack...They've got a great trek, and even if he doesn't like to go fly fishing with me now ("Dad, all i want to to is sleep in on Saturday morning") Maybe he'll enjoy it more with his peers on the trek...


Fly fishing persons will love this itinerary as several rivers run through this trek. Tour Waite Phillips' famous Rayado Lodge at Fish Camp on your way to a two-day layover at one of Philmont's premiere western lore camps, Beaubien, where horse rides, boot branding and a chuck wagon dinner awaits your crew. Hike along the South Fork of the Urraca to Black Mountain and experience blacksmithing, post civil war settlers and black powder rifle shooting. Even more program is available at Cyphers Mine where you can pan for gold and be on your way to Cimarroncito's rock climbing camp. On your last day, your crew will hike over the Tooth of Time.

Halley looks like the acomplished angler, "being the heron". I'm sure that the Rivercourse lessons will be with her for a lifetime. The hands on approach, gets the kids involved and they'll be stewards of the land in the future. And it looks like you've got a fishing partner for life!

Several years ago I was up on the Parkway and the kids and I were playing around around Little Glad Millpond, and we ran into a young man who had been at Rivercourse with CalebB. We talked for a while and I could tell that he too had a great time in the program.

Thanks for the report, and I hope we have the opportunity to share next year!

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peter p


How was she doing with her casting?  I spent some time with her Wednesday night before they went fishing trying to improve her casting stroke.  She was really starting to get the hang of it the last I saw.

PS I also ate dinner with your daughter on Wednesday night.  Whatever you are doing, keep up the good work.  She was a pleasure to chat with while we ate.  Kudos!!!!   



Thanks Peter. I mistakenly sent her with a DT line which probley didnt help in loading the rod or her casting. I took her to a small stream on the way home and she roll casted really well and was patient,focused and confident. As we were trading pools, I noticed her turning over rocks in the stream. The next thing I heard was her say was "Dad, these are the stick caddis." I am really proud of her. Thanks again for your contribution to these kid's education and experience.

"I don't much care for hatchery trout. They're better than no trout at all, but otherwise they're inferior in every way to their wild relatives" - John Gierach


Brad  8)


Not familiar with this camp - is there a url that speaks to it?  It sounds great.  My granddaughters are < 1 and < 2, so it will be a while, but I'd like to know more about the camp.



peter p



Glad you sent your daughter.  I made my oldest go to the first one.  There were four girls there.  It was the year of the hurricanes, so some of their cool stuff was washed out.  She did, however, do very good in the casting contest.  Unfortunately, mine has not looked at her flyrod since, but there is hope that someday.......