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New River Float - Saturday June 23

Started by Woolly Bugger, June 24, 2007, 12:54:16 PM

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Woolly Bugger

June 24, 2007, 12:54:16 PM Last Edit: June 24, 2007, 13:27:19 PM by Woolly Bugger

Drove up to meet the CFF group float, meet rodwrapper, oldman, disco, ODG3, ZZDruid for the 6 mile float from the 221 bridge down to little Egypt (Nile Road). I fished a Todd's wiggle minnow (tiger) pattern and caught a few, being stubborn by nature i continued to fish this fly. Even though I knew after a while I should have switched... Oldman was fishing mostly hardware and landed the most fish... followed closely by Disco, who caught a couple of real nice ones. I didn't catch that many or any worthy of breaking out the cellphone camera.....

The algae was pretty think for this time of the year, I guess we need a lot of rain to flush that crap away....
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Here's a pic on one of Disco's better fish. Ralph's got a picture of the bigger one...
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sounds like you guys had a good time.. i wish i wasnt working saturday.

we drove up and floated sunday, and it was fishing a lot better than a few weeks ago when i went up.

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Life's about havin' FUN!!!


It was a good weekend, cooperative fish, good food and camping and being rowed down the river by a good friend 0--0
Y'all keep posting those pics of me and smallies and people are gonna get the wrong idea and think I know sumpin' bout catchin' em  ;D

Kim 8)
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Can't do unless you have a good guide ;D ;D ;D ;D



All ya gotta do is listen to your "bird dog".....eh ,Disco!

Ralph   0--0

Life's about havin' FUN!!!


Quote from: outdoorguy3 on June 25, 2007, 22:04:30 PM


All ya gotta do is listen to your "bird dog".....eh ,Disco!

Ralph   0--0

Naaaa... it's all about that hat!  0--0 ;D
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