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day to remember

Started by badankles, June 07, 2007, 22:39:33 PM

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i had an interesting day at the local public lake.  i was there two days ago tossing a #10 sneaky pete with a #14 beadhead black nymph dropper.  mostly little bluegills, but did hooked up with 10" catfish.  he put up a pretty good fight with a lot of twists.  slowly made my way toward a more protected area (protected from swimming dogs and wading children) where things started to really picked up.  i was using a mid-flex 8'6" 5wt and got used to striking the little bluegill hits up to that point.  well, of course, you guessed it...WHAM!!!!  strike, pop, bye-bye to my favorite pete and dropper.   :o  :'(

today, i decided to switch rod.  still a 5wt, but a little stiffer 8'5" with a new leader.  i find it casts larger flies better.  i decided to head back to the same lake/spot again with a similar popper/nymph combination.  again little bluegills and as i slowly made my way to the spot where i got the big surprise a couple days ago...guess what!!!!  my lost sneaky pete was floating 4' from shore with the dropper still attached.  they were both barbless so i'd figure he must have shook them off.  i was very excited to have them back.  what a nice surprise.  what a cool feeling.  i tucked them both away and with a big smile cast my popper/dropper to the same spot where i had the big hit before...and...WHAM!!!!  whoo hoo, yeah, it gotta be the same bucketmouth.  he did a couple of really cool water dance, plus a couple of nice runs...then my popper/dropper popped off.  argh!!!!!   :o  o-o

it was one of the best hour i had on that lake.  ;D

when's a newbie no longer a newbie...

peter p

Sounds like a trip there again today is needed



...If at first you don't succeed....  It was cool that you got your flies back, though.  So next time, as bass aren't particularly leader shy, so shorten it up a bit and double the size.  Maybe next time you can hang on to him.


i was using 4x tippet with 5x for the dropper.  yeah, bigger tippet for sure, but i didn't really expect the big one to hang around that area as it was next to high traffic section of the lake.  you never know, i guess.

when's a newbie no longer a newbie...


Mr. ankles,  ;D, I always enjoy reading your posts. Sounds like a great day.


Times fun when you're having flies.


Was fortunate enough to go to Northern Canada on a business sponsored and paid for trip several years ago.

We were fishing for pike and casting large spoons.  My fishing buddy broke off a huge northern, and our guide, moments later cast to the same spot, had a large fish on that broke his spoon off as well.

On the way back we swung by the same spot, and I cast, hooked up, and landed a big pike (close to 40"..don't remember) with both my buddy's and the guide's spoons still hanging out of this mouth.  Had some good pictures, somewhere but cannot find them now. Pretty cool.



Deffinetly go up in your leader. 8 lbs is usually the lightest I get while in the lake. Most of the time, I come with a 10 lbs tippet or if I am close to any type of plants or sunken trees I go for 14lbs. Never seen a shy bass in my life!