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Lake Martin (AL)

Started by Gofisher, June 05, 2007, 11:54:14 AM

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June 05, 2007, 11:54:14 AM Last Edit: June 05, 2007, 11:56:02 AM by Gofisher

*Also on Brad's board if ya don't want to read it twice, but I thought I'd add something tasteful to the board for a change... 0--0

Went to Lake Martin with the family this weekend to visit my wife's cousin and family. It wasn't a fishing trip (as my wife reminded me several times  ::)), but I decided to go online and get a license anyways. I brought several size rods as I haven't done much warm water fishing and wasn't sure what I'd need. "Need", that is, if I got to do any fishing. Upon arrival Friday evening, I was excited to learn that Cousin Bill had a bass boat, and did indeed intend to go fishing in the morning. It would be him, his 14 year old son, and me. We'd get up at 5:30 a.m. and give it a whack.
At 5:15 I couldn't stand it any longer and got up to get the coffee going. I rigged up a 6 and an 8 wt while waiting for the coffee to brew. After politely refusing the offer of a baitcaisting rig from Bill, we set out. Bill would fish from the bow, Phillip midship, and I from the stearn. I chose to start with the 8 wt as I hadn't used it since getting it repaired after the Michigan PFX. We saw a few stripe busting the top and headed for them. Bill got a couple right out of the gate on a crankbait, but the action was spotty. Neither Philip or I hooked up in that area. I tried several flies but to no avail. This warm water fishing is tougher than I thought! It also was difficult to get in the right position to cast when in the stearn and having to rely on a non-flyfisher to direct the boat.
I decided to try the 6 wt after a bit, and tied on a green popper that acesover had sent me for running the fly swap (here that ditch and kilday?  ;D). I threw up towards the bank by a log and blam, my first Alabama bass.

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Now I'd like to say the action got fast and furious, but that wasn't the case. We only had a few hours to fish (remember, this wasn't a fishing trip  ;)) and we had to get back soon. I ended up with a couple bass and a couple bream. It was a great time and I'm glad I didn't get skunked! Young Phillip never landed one, but it was good to see a fourteen year old out there enjoying himself. He had many questions about the fly gear and maybe it has sparked his interest. That night I set up the 8 wt with a deer hair streamer that acesover had also sent me. Bill and I would try again in the morning for a couple hours.
We got started about a half hour later than yesterday and Phillip didn't join us. We were just going out for an hour or two as the wind was blowing and it would be hard to spot the fish. We cut the motor not far from his dock and drifted to see what we could. We saw a few of the stripe busting and we headed for them. I grabbed the 8 and launched a couple casts to the boils. Blam, I had my first fish on the rod! Popped her cherry on the spot!   :-*

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Recognize the fly Rob?

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We each released about a dozen stripes each. No monsters, but a couple bigger ones that I didn't bother to photo. I was trying to release them fast so I could cast to another ASAP! I also scored some more bass and bream on the popper in another cove. It was a good time for a fishing trip that wasn't supposed to be a fishing trip!

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Sounds like fun !

Nice pics and post!!!

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peter p

Those non fishing trips sometimes turn out to be the best.  Thanks for sharing.