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Wild water

Started by troutphisher, April 20, 2007, 19:05:32 PM

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I fished a wild stream today, this was not an artificial semi spring creek, but was in fact a free stone stream. The weather was perfect mid 60 by afternoon. The water temp was right at 51 deg and the water was very clear.

I hiked in about 3-1/2 miles and started fishing at 9:30am. I fished PTNs in the seams and riffles. The trout were very aggressive in the takes. I caught several nice size rainbows and a some small browns. I fished seams around boulders and used a #4 split shot about 10" up from the fly. This was enough to get the fly down to where the fish were.

Around 12:30pm a good bwo hatch was on and I switched flies to an emerger #16 loop wing. I fished some tail outs and slower runs. I caught some rainbows and had a nice brown break off around a sunken log.

At 3:00pm a good light cahill hatch was on, and I switched fly's to a #14 cahill and fun the rest of the afternoon catching more rainbows. The wild rainbows really jump and fight hard even though most were in the 10" range.

I never get tired of catching them, they strike the fly quick and the fight starts the second they feel tension.

I turned over some rocks during the day to see the insect life, lots of nymphs in all sizes, the caddis covered the rocks in the slower pools and I could see some light colored caddis coming off, but nothing steady. In the next couple of weeks they will start a full blown hatch and the fishing should be great.

Here are a few pics from today.

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Brad  8)


Nice fish and quill gordon nymph...  I fished a wild one yesterday and found a bunch of qg's under the rocks that hadn't hatched yet too.


Caleb, I saw some big brown flies, I couldn't  get to, but they were size 10. Looked a little like drakes, but I couldn't get close enough to verify and the hatch was sporadic.

The Gordon's are still coming off, but the big hatch was cahills in the afternoon.

The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.


great report. you always write the best stuff TP.... two more days and i will be i that neck of the woods

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The big brown flies are true march browns-- the vicarium species.  I collected a few on thursday and they are #10-12... real big nymphs.  As soon as they hatch I'll post some pics.  I did see one adult on the streamside too.


Nice report and pics TP ;D

Kim 8)
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Very cool pics, TP. Thanks for the report, too. Tried some Quill Gordons at Helton on Sat. afternoon after I saw a few flies, but the fish were down deep and lock-jawed. Had to pry them open with an Amber Wet Soft Hackle. Worked twice. Both Browns.


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