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catawba report

Started by walt, April 02, 2007, 07:31:03 AM

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I finally was able to get away and fish the "cat" this past saturday. Monty, Jimmy, and I waded the shoals at the island above rolling-on-the-river bridge from about 1pm to 4pm.

There was a modest caddis hatch with a few risers, but nothing major. I fished a gray caddis with a bh prince dropper. Took one fish and missed a few on the dry and took a few more with the dropper. My large fish was about 12".

Monty landed a bunch with a double nymph rig, the largest about 14".

Jimmy missed a whopper fishing Monty's rig. We introduced him to the "art" and I'm happy to report another soul now has the itch.... poor bastid.

see ya on the river....


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— Cormac McCarthy


Sounds like a fun day on the water Walt!

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Great report Walt.  Hows that new shop coming?


That new shop has a perfect place for a casting deck on the roof.
Make it happen Walt 0--0

Did you have Caddis the other day?
I might try it this evening if I live through the Dentist visit this afternoon.



 Still trying to get out your way Mr. Wally and that report just made my itch turn red and its starting to spread allover. Guess I gotta call in sick and make it all better. 0--0 A little soothing Catawba water should do the trick. >:D


I didn't make it yesterday and I was thinking of going to the Lake today but with the wind.I don't know.

Might try the Cat

But not for long I hope



'twas phish.... a real nice day.

shop is coming along caleb.... when we were in deconstruction mode we were able to salvage some massive heart-pine timbers..... these were all transported on my boat trailer over to a friends woodshop.  anyways, he was able to build a beautiful double front door and with the remaining stock we milled out about a 1000 sf of tongue and groove stock which will be used as wall panelling. this pine was original to the building when it was built back in the 30's and i think it's very cool historically that it will be part of the new building. another cool thing is we saved all of the old red brick from the removed chimney. well last week jimmy and i cleaned a bunch of it up and built us a fine looking wall inside that will serve as the sales/shipping counter and will also work good with a few barstools for lying-and-tying get togethers...

... stash.... roof deck casting....  0--0

moody & stash.... i'm gonna try and fish again saturday... the extended weather 'cast looks good but wtfk's what the generation will be.... 5am-11am lately...

see ya'll on the river and happy easter everyone...


"All things of grace and beauty such that one holds them to one's heart have a common provenance in pain."
— Cormac McCarthy


where are you guys putting the new store at.. is it close to the old one?

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I'll answer for Walt

The new store is closer to the Catawba
I wonder whats up with that
Other than he will be on the water more

It's in a section of Morganton that is called Carbon City
HWY 70 west of Town less than a mile from the take out on the Greenway. Lower River section

I'm headed up to the Cabin in the am. But off all next week so I just might hit the cat if generation allows



Quote from: Mstash on April 05, 2007, 18:18:59 PM

The new store is closer to the Catawba
I wonder whats up with that
Other than he will be on the water more

yup, it's closer to the cat and has parking and space for boats.... something that is/was sorely missing here at the downtown location.

the geographical is bypass hwy 70 (west union st) intersection. for reference, the four corners have a bp station, muses bookstore, mickey d's and soon... wco.

the boat put in for the upper cat (bridgewater) is about 15 minutes from the shop and the take-out at watermill is about 10 minutes. the float trip on the lower section from watermill down to the greenway, take-out at judges bbq is a strong double-haul and bow&arrow cast from the shop ;) ... yup (to nthdegree) i will be on the water more.... that's the plan.... play some more.


"All things of grace and beauty such that one holds them to one's heart have a common provenance in pain."
— Cormac McCarthy


First call Generation before planning your trip

Get on I-40 west
Get off at Exit 100 Jamestown RD
Get back on entrance ramp headed west BUT turn off to the rt. on Reep Rd
Go to the end where it meets HWY 70 (T intersection)
Turn left onto Hwy 70
Go about 2 miles to the first Light
Turn Rt. Over bridge (Rail Road Tracks)
Go to 4 way stop
Go through 4 way stop
Until you get to the river. Before Bridge turn rt into parking lot

This is Watermill landing where you will take out Leave your other car here (But bring you keys with you)
Or you can put in here and go to Judges Riverside on the Greenway. Not as long of a trip as the top section. About 3hrs

OK To get to the put in

Go back to the 4way stop and turn Rt.
In about a mile there will be a y intersection stay left down the hill.
Stay on this Rd Powerhouse Rd.
You will go over the river and that bridge is rolling on the River Bridge. Use to be an old honky tonk here.
Keep going to the next Bridge. This is Bridgewater
Turn left into the parking lot and the dirt road ramp is at the end on the left

This trip just floating. About 5-8 hour depending how much time you want to kill. And the generation


If generating when you put in
The first mile can be rough
Make sure you tie your shit down in the boat
If generating when you get to the first island you can go rt
If no generation at the first island go left
1 mile down from the put in you'll hit Muddy Creek coming in from the rt.
The river gets a lot wider and easer to float

If there is no generation while your floating
Bring water and sunscreen
There is some dead water down river that you will have to paddle to get through
Because it never fails the wind blows up river.

If the wind blows down river you can bet the farm there is a storm brewing up at the lake or the gorge

Enjoy and be Safe